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Menthol Cigarettes are Being Banned

Menthol Cigarettes are Being Banned

Menthol Cigarettes are Being Banned

Menthol cigarettes are about to be banned in the UK and Europe. In 2016, the EU’s Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) set out a range of laws governing sales of cigarettes, tobacco, and even eliquids. And even with Brexit on the horizon, the TPD will effect our laws.

Including a law that takes effect this month that will ban the sale of menthol flavoured tobacco and cigarettes.

The Menthol Cigarette Ban Comes into Effect in May

The TPD has already had huge effects on smokers and vapers. First, packets of 10 cigarettes were outlawed, forcing smokers to buy more expensive packets of 20 cigarettes. Then the size of eliquid bottles were ordered to be limited to 10ml – which is why the only larger bottles we’re allowed to sell are nicotine-free short fills.

And as of May 20th, menthol cigarettes will be on the chopping block too.

That means no menthol flavoured tobacco. No menthol-flavoured papers, or menthol capsules in the filter. Companies can’t even add menthol oil to the packaging of cigarettes or rolling tobacco to modify the taste or smell.

About the only thing the TPD doesn’t ban is popping a Polo mint into your mouth when you take a drag of a cigarette. Well, that and menthol flavoured eliquids…

This Ban ONLY Affects Cigarettes and Tobacco

Because the ban on flavoured tobacco only limits the sale of cigarettes, cigars and rolling tobacco, the 88Vape range of menthol products isn’t affected. So if you’ve still not made the switch from smoking to vaping, this could – and should – be the nudge that you need.

And there two main reasons you should.

Vaping is Less Harmful

Cigarette smoke contains all sorts or harmful chemicals – formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, benzene, hydrogen cyanide. It’s a laundry list of poisons. But vapour from eliquids don’t contain any of this. They’re also free from tar. It’s why Public Health England claim that vaping is much, much safer than smoking.

Vaping is Cheaper

We’ve done the maths. Switching to vaping can save you £1,567.98 per year. If you smoke ten cigarettes a day, that’s over £1,800 up in smoke. With vaping, that figure drops to a little over £300.

How to Switch from Menthol Cigarettes to Menthol Vapes

Making the switch will cost you less than £35 with 88Vape, and it’s something you can do today.

Let’s say you smoke 10 per day. For that, you’ll need a bottle of 11mg menthol eliquid every two days.

You’ll need a vape pen to heat that eliquid, and some spare coils to give you the best experience.

Adding all of that together comes to £32.97:

Deluxe Vape Pen x1: £9.99

Spare Coils (x4): £7.98

11mg PG Eliquids (x15): £15.00

Delivery: £0.00

Total: £32.97

It’s cheaper, it’s safer, and you can still get the menthol flavours you love. With the menthol cigarette ban just days away, what’s stopping you making the switch?

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