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Tobacco Flavour E Liquid

The UK's Best Tobacco Vape Juice Flavours

Are you looking for a tobacco flavour e-liquid that'll satisfy all of your cigarette cravings? Our £1 e-liquid range features a range of tobacco flavours based on the world's biggest brands.

Our tobacco vape juice selection doesn't re-invent the wheel. If you're a first-time vaper or a tobacco enthusiast, you...

Are you looking for a tobacco flavour e-liquid that'll satisfy all of your cigarette cravings? Our £1 e-liquid range features a range of tobacco flavours based on the world's biggest brands.

Our tobacco vape juice selection doesn't re-invent the wheel. If you're a first-time vaper or a tobacco enthusiast, you want an e-liquid that tastes familiar. That tastes right. So we've blended a range of tobacco flavours that'll help satisfy your cravings:

Tried And Tested Tobacco E-Liquids

We know that whether you're quitting smoking or want to experience the joys of vaping, the taste is everything. So the 88Vape team put their heads together and came up with some fan favourites.

Rolling Leaf

88Vape's top-selling tobacco flavour delivers the heady toasted tang that reformed smokers miss so much. Safer than smoking and at just £1 a bottle, Rolling Leaf tobacco e-liquid is far cheaper too!

Open your e-cigarette, fill the tank with our rolling leaf liquid and enjoy. The process is as smooth as our e-liquid. Better still, you get to experience a wonderful tobacco flavour without the same health implications as smoking and absolutely zero hassle.

Burley Tobacco:

Rich and robust, this no-nonsense tobacco e-liquid packs a punch. Available as a 50/50 liquid, you can enjoy a smooth Burley in any tank and with any coil.

Burley hails from the USA, but we managed to mix our e-liquid to perfection, bringing you something a little more intense than the traditional Virginia tobacco flavours.

Menthol Tobacco

Menthol cigarettes may have been banned, but menthol tobacco e-liquids are still going strong. Enjoy that classic cool tobacco taste you miss so much.

We make our unique menthol e-liquid minty fresh, full of flavour and nice and smooth. What could be better?


The team in our vape lab are proud of Maidens e-liquid because it's the silkiest, smoothest, woodiest tobacco tasting vape around. Try it once, and it'll become an instant favourite!

If you're a fan of denser flavours, the wood notes of our Maidens e-liquid won't disappoint.

Tobacco Nut

Another of our best selling blends, this e-liquid combines the traditional woody aromas of rolling tobacco with a nutty taste. If you're looking for something smooth that will pack a punch, we're sure you'll love this vape juice.

While the same flavour from another brand might set you back up to £10, we keep our e-liquid tobacco nut mixture low-cost but high quality.

Why Choose Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid?

Will tobacco flavour e-liquid ever genuinely represent the cigarette experience? Well, in short, no. But that's not a bad thing. Cigarettes burn, and when they do that, they release a lot of chemicals.

In contrast, e-cigarettes focus on one thing only; combining the power of nicotine and e-liquid flavour to release a vapour which you can inhale.

To put it simply, e-cigarettes are all about flavour, while smoking often masks the tobacco taste. Many of our customers comment that they didn't realise tobacco was so flavourful - until they switched from vaping to smoking.

Vaping Offers An Aromatic Experience

If you're a former smoker or looking to make the transition, you'll know that distinctive smell when you open a pack of cigarettes. The tobacco has a toasted, wooden scent that is incredibly aromatic, but as soon as you light up, it disappears.

Vaping allows you to sample each distinctive flavour note, which means you can experience different types of tobacco without tar and carbon monoxide masking the taste.

There Are Fewer Health Implications

Any doctor will tell you that smoking can seriously impact your health. In some cases, you might inherit breathing conditions such as bronchitis or COPD and both of which will require long-term treatment.

Cancer is also a serious concern, and smokers are more likely to have throat or lung cancer than non-smokers. It's not the nicotine strength or even the substance itself that causes cancer; it's the lethal combination of carbon monoxide and tar that pollutes your lungs.

With tobacco e-liquid, you can enjoy a smooth tasting experience or a dramatic throat hit, knowing that it's 95% less harmful than smoking.

It Offers a Better Lifestyle

Few people think about how much smoking impacts their wellbeing - but it does. You lose the ability to taste different foods, which means you don't get to enjoy them. You'll also find that a simple walk can make you breathless, and you don't feel as healthy.

Cigarette smoke is notorious for sticking to your clothes, hair, breath and well - pretty much everything. Non-smokers hate the smell, and once again, it's all to do with the chemicals in your cigarette.

By switching to tobacco flavoured e-liquid, you get the best of both worlds and won't have to spend money on mints and body sprays to mask the smell.

Our Tobacco E-Liquid Is Made In Manchester & Loved Around The UK

All of our tobacco flavour vape juices are made right here in Manchester. Trafford Park, to be exact. We blend, bottle and box all of our liquids right here, under the watchful eye of our trained chemists and quality control experts, to make sure you always have the best possible – and safest – vaping experience.

That's why our £1 tobacco flavour range is loved by customers up and down the country, whether they're stocking up in Asda and Poundland or ordering online to take advantage of our FREE UK delivery offer for orders over £15.

Are you looking for an authentic, toasted, tasty tobacco e-liquid for just a pound a bottle? You've found it right here. So pop your bottles in the basket, and don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to earn points and save money off your next order.

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