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DIY Vape: Maintenance tips for your device

DIY Vape: Maintenance tips for your device

Unless you’re a vaping connoisseur, maintaining your equipment correctly can be tricky. If you’re not getting the most out of your e-liquid flavours, you’re missing out big time. However, with a few tips and tricks you can form some helpful habits. Ready to take your vaping experience to the next level? Here’s some pointers that will get your vape back on top.

Never let your tank run low

You wouldn’t be able to operate at your highest level if you hadn’t eaten for days and your vaporizer isn’t any different. If your tank’s running on empty always make sure you keep topping it up. If you don’t, you may experience an unpleasant burning taste when vaping alongside potentially damaging your atomiser.

Clean your device regularly

This is a great habit to get into. If you regularly clean away that sticky vape residue from your tank you can truly optimise those vaping sensations. Always make sure you correctly disassemble your equipment while washing your components, before leaving them to dry. While it might be a bit of added effort, the vaping results will surprise you.

Store your device and e-liquids correctly

Struggling to find a safe spot for your device? When storing, always stay away from sunlight, water and high temperatures. It’s also best to keep your device upright, as this stops the airspace flooding and potentially leaking through the airflow in your clearomiser. Let’s not forget your e-liquids either! Storing your favourite flavours in a fridge or cold space is the best way to optimise your vape juice.

Change your coils

While this one might seem a given, always ensure that you are changing your coils every month. Trying to make components last, especially if they’re gurgling or burning, can only do harm to your device. If you want to experience a premium vape, regular replacements are necessary.

Don’t over tighten your device

When reassembling your device after a thorough clean, it’s understandably tempting to give all your parts an extra tightening. While this may seem like the right thing to do, over tightening can seriously affect your vape and cause permanent damage to your device. As long as everything is clicking securely into place, you’re all good to go.

We understand how easy it can be to fall into old habits, but with a little extra effort, your vaping experience can reach new heights. Follow these simple steps to optimise your device and stop any more needless damage.
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