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Nicotine Salts

Nicotine Salts For Just £1

Nicotine Salts (nic salts) are used in exactly the same way as traditional vape liquids, however, the nicotine is absorbed into your body quicker and is much smoother to inhale than traditional high strength e-liquid. So you can satisfy cravings quicker, vape a little less and save some money!

Nic Salts Vs E-Liquids

E-liquids are made by taking the freebase nicotine from the tobacco plant and chemically treating it, leaving an incredibly pure liquid, that we then mix with PG and VG to create an e-liquid. Nic salts are a little different to this but still provide a great vaping experience.

Nic salts are closer to the nicotine you’d find in a tobacco leaf - essentially closer to the "purest form" of nicotine. This makes them smoother and more easily absorbed by your body, as well as having a higher nicotine strength.

Because there is more nicotine in your average nic salt, ex-smokers or those who want to quit smoking can satisfy their cravings quicker and easier, leading to more satisfaction and, potentially, less vape use. The smoother throat hit also helps with this transition.

Should I Switch To Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?

The switch to nic salt e-liquid really depends on your personal preference. This juice can provide deeper flavours, a smoother vaping experience, and can easily be used with most vape pens.

If you're quitting smoking or are already an ex-smoker, nic salt e-liquid provides that much-needed nicotine hit in a more efficient vessel - finally, your vape pen doesn't need to be glued to your mouth all day to achieve this!

Because nic salt e-liquid enhances mouth to lung vaping, you will receive a less intense hit whenever you inhale, whereas some e-liquid products might not achieve this, leaving you with a somewhat disappointing experience.

Enjoy the sweeter side of e-liquid flavours? Nic salt e-liquid is the perfect fit for you, as they do not affect the flavour as much as freebase nicotine-based e-liquids.

For an improved vaping experience, better flavour, and smoother feel, add some of 88Vape's nic sale e-liquid to your shopping cart today!

What's In Our Nicotine Salts?

At 88Vape, our cheap nic salts are made from the highest-quality ingredients, in a 50/50 nic salt, e-liquid ratio. This allows them to deliver nicotine faster than normal 'freebase' nicotine e-liquids without the harsh throat feel that traditional high strength nicotine vape juices provide.

Our nicotine salt ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, with food-grade flavourings used to create our signature flavours. While our nic salts are more potent than standard freebase 18mg and 20mg e-liquids, they are still free from banned nasties such as Diacetyl, Pulegone, or Vitamin E Acetate.

We pride ourselves on using only four ingredients in our nicotine salt products - Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Flavourings and Nicotine

For vegans and vegetarians looking to quit smoking, our products are also friendly for both lifestyles.

Ocassionally we do tweak our recipes to improve the flavour, so don't be surprised if what you buy today is a little different from what you bought last a few months back - it just means we're improving our recipe!

How Can I Use Nic Salts?

Nicotine salt can be used in the same way as other e-liquids, but the type of hardware you use might differ. With nicotine salt, it is better to use pod vapes and lower power vape devices. The lower wattage allows you to have a more authentic vaping experience, one which is also preferred by ex-smokers and more experienced vapers.

Nicotine salt also provides a less harsh throat hit, but if it is used in devices with a higher wattage, you might experience a harsher, less pleasant vape. The flavour may also be affected by using devices made for other e-liquids, so be sure to remember this when deciding on which nic salts to choose. For example, our H-Blue nic salts can be used with any tank or coil, whereas the Sweet Strawberry 16mg should only be used with non-Sub-ohm coils.

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