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Whether you vibe with sweet, fruity favourites or prefer a more classic menthol vape juice, 88Vape is sure to satisfy your craving.

We have a hugely diverse range of flavours to choose from, including vape juices in classic dessert flavours (apple crumble, anyone?) and in niche flavours, like...

Whether you vibe with sweet, fruity favourites or prefer a more classic menthol vape juice, 88Vape is sure to satisfy your craving.

We have a hugely diverse range of flavours to choose from, including vape juices in classic dessert flavours (apple crumble, anyone?) and in niche flavours, like Violet Pearls.

Our vape juice options are also available in a variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from 1mg all the way to 20mg, as well as nicotine-free - perfect for vapers who want all the flavour of their favourite desserts without the calories.

88Vape's best-selling vape juice list is continually growing (as our popularity grows), but there are some firm favourite e-liquids that our customers have come to know and love - the cream of the crop if you will.

Nifty Nicotine-Free Vape Juice

88Vape's nicotine-free vape juice is perfect for non-smokers who enjoy the experience of vaping without any of the nicotine. Often, these are beginner vapers and non-smokers who have no desire for any form of tobacco or nicotine, and who choose the vaping experience purely for the delectably flavoured e-liquids and fun vapour elements.

Our zero nicotine e-liquid is available from a high percent -70 - VG vape juice. This high VG ratio gives this e-liquid the ability to create clouds of smoke that are free of nicotine, so nicotine-free vapers do not need to sneakily vape in a corner the delicious aromas of our sweet flavours will satisfy any cravings you have for a cheeky snack.

Nicotine-free vape juice is also ideal for people who want to customise their nicotine strength. You can easily add more nicotine by using a nic shot in your preferred dosage and adding some to your e-liquid. There won't be any effect on the flavour of your vape juice but you might have to change your vape device up to account for this change.

88Vape's Sweet And Sugary Best Sellers

Despite having so many flavours to choose from, there is a clear e-liquid trend with our customers. Dessert and menthol flavours certainly have their fans, but none of us can resist a fruity fiesta - orange, banana, watermelon, raspberry, and strawberry are all part of our Top 10 e-juice flavours.

Want to try something tasty and totally different? Try a fruity blend of our strawberry, watermelon, and mint e-liquids. Or, if you're feeling very naughty, top our New York Cheesecake vape juice with a delectable Salted Caramel e-liquid.

We've also combined some of these flavours with menthol for a sweet, crisp vaping experience and more-ish e-liquid. Our team also thought about the junk food fiends, and created some of the best vape juice t satisfy your needs: our Red Cola flavour is as mouthwatering as a can of real fizzy pop, and our Bubblegum vape juice is so realistic it's almost chewable!

Choose from high VG e-liquid, the popular 50/50 e-liquid, or high PG e-liquids , depending on your day-to-day vape device.

Keep It Classic

Some of our customers enjoy the sweeter side of life, but others prefer a more refined and classic vape juice. For the discerning palate, we offer plain Menthol e-liquid as well as our popular Menthol Chill e-liquid.

These will fast become your everyday vape choice, especially when you need a refreshing smack in the face in the morning!

Our team has also been able to replicate the rich notes of classic tobacco and rolling leaf tobacco, ideal flavours for those who still want the taste of smoking without the guilt. Another best selling product is our Nicotine Shot, which allows you to transform any vape juice into one with the perfectly customised nicotine hit.

Need a sugary hit to ward off the afternoon slump? Our sweet tobacco short fill e-liquid will hit the spot perfectly.

88Vape's Menthol Tobacco vape juice provides the smooth flavour of menthol along with richly toasted tobacco - making it a clear Top 10 favourite flavour with our customers. All of these are available in nicotine-free and nicotine-based.

Super Sub Ohm Products

At 88Vape, we sell more than just the best vape juice money can buy. Our Sub Ohm vapes are the perfect pick-me-up gift for vapers who prefer a sleeker look, or an ideal gift for yourself, "just because".

The 88Vape 50 Watt Mod Starter set allows you to try sub ohm vaping without having to lug a heavy battery around all day! It features a high capacity tank for plenty of e-liquid, a high power battery and a variable wattage setting, so you can perfectly control the size of your clouds.

Remember to use high VG e-liquid in your sub ohm devices (at least 70 VG), such as our dessert-inspired Raspberry Ice Cream or Strawberry Mousse vape juice flavours.

Zillions Of Choices

If you're someone who is always ahead of the technology curve, our Zillion Pod System is the perfect pocket pal for you.

With its zinc alloy body enveloping a 350mAh variable voltage battery, the Zillion Pod System eliminates the bulky battery many vapes have.

This nifty little tool is an all-in-one pod system, where you only need to replace the pod, not refill it with new vape juice or fit a new coil. Simply remove the rubber cap on the 2ml vape juice pod and squeeze your e-liquid through one of the holes - easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

With so many choices to make, you can spend hours browsing our website - and adding e-liquids, tools, and merchandise to your basket.

So, let's have it - start shopping today!

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