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Made right here in Manchester, our famous high PG e-liquid is where it all began for 88Vape and our £1 range. Our 70% PG e liquids deliver fantastic flavour, higher strength nicotine and a throat sensation which will more than satisfy your cravings.

What is High PG E-Liquid?

PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) are two of the main ingredients in an eliquid, along with nicotine and flavourings. The PG, is what the flavourings dissolve into. It also delivers the feeling in your throat that ex-smokers call “throat hit” and because it's thinner than VG, it helps the liquid soak into your vape’s wick.

So a high PG e-liquid naturally contain more PG than VG. Traditionally, it's the ratio that ex-smokers tend to choose as it helps replicate the closest sensation to smoking and also allows for higher nicotine strengths.

Is PG Juice Safe?

Propylene glycerol is a common substance found in many products, including:

  • Toothpaste
  • Beauty Products
  • Medical Products

It's officially recognised as a safe substance to inhale, so you can rest assured that all of our PG vaping products won't impact your health. In some very rare cases, a person might find that e-liquids with more PG than VG could cause them to have an allergic reaction.

Any sort of reaction is scarce, and the effects aren't severe, so if you want to try PG e-liquid, you'll be fine.

Why Choose PG E-Liquids?

As we mentioned previously, PG e-liquids are known for their more intense flavours and stronger throat hit, but they also have a couple of other distinct advantages that you should know about.

For starters, VG dense vape juices are known for their epic cloud production, which some people love. However, if you're more interested in discreet vaping, then PG is better because it doesn't produce as much vapour as VG e-liquids.

This is particularly useful if you fancy a cheeky vape at work because people will undoubtedly notice significant clouds filling the office!

We Stock a Range of High PG E-Liquids

If you're looking for a selection of high PG liquids to go with your vape kit, and our team regularly update our stock to ensure you get the best experience. If you're looking for incredible flavour and an intense throat hit at low prices, you're in the right place.

Tobacco Flavour E-Liquids

Tobacco is a favourite e-liquid type because it's the best way to replicate the smoking experience. Trying to quit can be difficult, but our tobacco vape juices aren't just great replacements for cigarettes; they also taste a lot better!

Without the added chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide, you can enjoy the unique taste of tobacco, and you'll be presently surprised at how tasty our vape liquid is. Existing smokers will benefit from our extensive range of tobacco vape juices.

Fresh & Fruity Range

If tobacco flavours aren't your thing, then try our range of delicious fruity vape juices. Some of our most popular include strawberry, peach, raspberry and lemon. We also have a superb selection of mint-infused fruit liquids that give you a refreshing nicotine hit.

Some of our most popular mixes include the fresh blueberry burst, frosted fruit and grape freeze. At just £1 a bottle, you can sample all of our flavours.

While most of our menthol fruit e-liquid flavours are a 50/50 ratio of VG and PG, we have a cherry mix and plan to make other high PG vape juices available soon.

Desserts & Drinks

With so many delicious desserts around, it's difficult to resist them - and the calories that come with them! Our vape juice dessert blends are the perfect way to enjoy apple crumble and New York cheesecake without the extra sugar.

Free UK Delivery on Orders Over £15

We aim to make the shopping experience enjoyable for you and prioritise each customer, creating a cost-effective way to shop for vape kits and e-liquids. You can find a selection of wonderful accessories and juices at both low and higher nicotine strengths.

Enjoying a vape experience with us couldn't be simpler, and at these low prices, you can fill your shopping basket.

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