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If you've been using the same vape pens for a while, you might be on the lookout for an upgrade to freshen things up. That's where our range of sub-ohm vape mods come in.

Starter Sub-ohm Vape Mods

Our starter vape mods introduce you to the...

If you've been using the same vape pens for a while, you might be on the lookout for an upgrade to freshen things up. That's where our range of sub-ohm vape mods come in.

Starter Sub-ohm Vape Mods

Our starter vape mods introduce you to the world of sub-ohm vaping, where you swap the intense throat hit and high nicotine strengths for big clouds and an even richer flavour.

Simple to use and packed with power, our vape mods will have you joining the ranks of the "cloud chasers" in no time at all!

Why Choose Sub Ohm Vape Mods?

There comes a time when a seasoned vaper needs a more substantial device or is at the stage of their vaping journey where they want to explore more flavours and less nicotine - a sub-ohm mod is the natural upgrade to traditional vape pens and lower powered pods.

Mods get their name from the customisable features they offer, which gives users more control over the device's mechanics. By being able to configure the device, you can choose how powerful the flavour is and your cloud size. Sub-ohm vape kits are designed to give you the ultimate experience, and they offer a host of benefits.

More Flavour

If you define an excellent vaping experience by flavour, then sub-ohm mod kits deliver on all levels. Devices with lower resistance compliment flavours instead of masking them, and many people choose to stick with mod kits when they try them because other vape kits fail to enhance the flavour of their e-liquid.

There are many flavours to choose between, including tobacco, fruit, desserts and sweets. Still, many people don't experience the full taste and underlying notes because their vape pen doesn't deliver enough power to highlight those undertones.

If you love discovering new flavours and the vaping experience means more than just having a nicotine rush, a sub-ohm vape kit will deliver on all levels.

Bigger Clouds

One of the most challenging things for smokers when they give up is replicating the tobacco experience. For example, patches and gum might provide the nicotine hit they need, but most people miss the hand to mouth action and exhaling smoke.

A sub-ohm vape kit will produce more clouds, which doesn't exactly improve the vaping experience, but if you're a cloud chaser or love to compete with your friends, then the clouds you achieve with sub-ohm vape kits will always be bigger than with other devices.

Smoother Hits

Sub-ohm vaping gives you a more intense hit, but it's also smoother than with other kits. As the devices are designed to withstand higher temperatures, they can produce more vapour without the harshness of different devices.

Because a mod provides you with a more intense hit, most people find they don't need a high nicotine level, which means they can reduce their intake while still getting the power they require.

Is a Sub Ohm Vape Kit Right For Me?

Rewind to a few years ago, and sub-ohm vaping was a relatively new term, and only seasoned vapers knew how to achieve a direct to lung experience. Today, kits are specially designed so anyone can enjoy the benefits of sub-ohm vaping, regardless of how much knowledge they have.

We stock a range of mod kits, but it's essential to understand the components that define your experience.

Sub Ohm Tanks

Most people start with a sub-ohm tank because it's a versatile pod kit that requires zero to little configuration. Most sub-ohm tanks use disposable coils, so all you need to do is change the coil when it begins to wear down.

Rebuildable Drip Atomisers (RDA)

You might have heard people referring to RDA's as drippers, but while this technique is considered the 'OG' of vaping, it takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of using a complete device, someone will attach a coil with cotton to the mod and use both their hands to inhale.

One hand controls the mechanisms, while the other drips e-liquid onto the cotton. The main benefit of this is that you don't have to refill the tank and sample plenty of flavours in one session. However, the sheer complexity of RDA vaping means that most people don't bother with this technique.

Rebuildable Tank Atomisers (RTA)

Rebuildable tank atomisers (RTA's) are the compromise between sub-ohm tanks and RTA's. They're diverse kits that allow you to customise your experience by building your own coils, making vaping easier than dripping.

These devices also have adjustable airflow options, which enables you to customise the harshness of your hit.

Choose From Our Selection of Sub Ohm Vape Kits

We aim to bring you the best vaping experience, which is why we supply a range of the best sub-ohm vape kits for beginners and seasoned vapers. Our most popular options include the ProMod Vape Kit, which has two mesh coils so that you can choose the intensity of your experience.

Another fan favourite is the Nikola Antares Pod Mod, a stylish pod kit renowned for its integrated battery. While many kits lack the staying power a heavy vaper needs, this unique device packs a real punch when it comes to battery life.

If you're looking for a pen-style vape kit, we recommend our flagship 88Vape Mod Pen. It has all the features traditional sub-ohm kits provide, but the slim pen shape design means you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

Each of our kits comes with spare coils and a charging cable. We also run vape juice promotions regularly, so you can take advantage of discount deals.

Why Choose 88Vape?

We founded this company with one mission to drive us forward; make vaping more accessible for people that want to give up smoking. Since 2013, we've seen significant growth and offer our own range of vape kits and e liquids.

Our motto is simple; low cost doesn't mean low quality, and judging by our customer reviews, we seem to have got it right.

We Make Our E-Liquid

Instead of buying e-liquid from suppliers, we make our own. At our base in Manchester, we mix flavours and ensure we bring our customers high-quality e-liquid. Making our products gives us control over which ingredients we include and guarantees a safer experience.

We Refuse to Compromise on Cost

Some people spend a fortune on their sub-ohm device and liquids, but we want to make vaping accessible for everyone. Doing so means we can deliver an excellent service and continue providing our customers with an assortment of vape kits. We refuse to compromise on quality but will always offer you savings.

Our Customers Value Us

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we've built a strong reputation as a company that always delivers. Whether you're looking for a cost-effective sub-ohm kit or a feature-packed starter kit, we provide a range of options.

You can contact us at any time to ask for advice on the best vape tanks, vape juice or to ask for guidance on your vape mod wattage output. We'll always do our best to ensure you get the best experience - and that's why our vape shop continues to grow.

Shop Our Sub Ohm Kits

Whether you're looking for a durable, refillable pod kit with a strong power output or a super-compact pen-style vape, we stock a range of products that will suit your needs. We also provide spare parts, including vape tanks and internal battery components.

Electronic cigarettes deliver incredible flavour, and the newer models have a display screen that gives you control over the power.

Both newer vapers and more experienced vapers can take advantage of our kits and nicotine products - but please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Whether it's choosing the right lightweight pod kit, a new seal pod kit, mod or pen, or you'd like information on our flavour shop. We're happy to offer advice and support.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to get the latest information on new products, the best vape kit type, featured brands and how to make the most of your vaping experience.

If you're a new customer, creating an account with us couldn't be easier, and we run free e-liquid promotions regularly.

You'll also enjoy a faster checkout experience. Each of our kits is simple to use, and we look forward to helping you fill your shopping basket with stylish device options from the biggest brands.

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