Great Value £1 E Liquid and Short Fills

Made right here in Manchester

If you’re looking for a tastier and cheaper alternative smoking cigarettes, with none of the tar or carbon monoxide, you’ve come to the right place. Here at 88 Vape we make some of the UK’s favourite flavours of £1 e-liquid and sell some of the country’s best value vape kits.

Here at 88 Vape, it tastes a lot like freedom.

Freedom from ever-rising cigarette prices. Freedom from buying e-liquids from who-knows-where and filled with who-knows-what. Freedom from ugly, plastic vape pens.

We’re all about high quality and affordable prices (did we mention our £1 e-liquids?). You’re going to love them!

You might be thinking that you've seen us somewhere before and chances are, you have. We're in major supermarkets, budget stores and have been on the back of countless buses and billboards up and down the country.

So now you know who we are and what we sell, why not give us a try?

After all, a liquid will only cost you a quid.

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