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15% Off First Order - Use Code FIRST15
15% Off First Order - Use Code FIRST15

Interested in Stocking 88Vape?

Stocking 88Vape products provides retailers with an instantly recognisable and trusted brand to offer customers. With ongoing national advertising campaigns and an ever increasing online presence, there has never been a better time to sell 88Vape products.

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Trusted Brand

Fully TPD Compliant

Low Cost, High Margin

Full Stock Traceability

Outsells Competitors 7-1

Average Sales Up To £1k Per Week


Liquids start from as low as £1

With prices starting at just £1, 88Vape is a great alternative to more expensive, lower quality e-liquids. This price point appeals to new vapers, low income individuals as well as experienced price-savvy vapers.

Manufactured in Manchester

All of our e-liquids are made right here in Manchester in our 25,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility. We also have full traceability for all 5m+ bottles that leave our warehouse every single month.

Toothbrush product

Over 80 Flavours & 8 Strengths

From traditional best selling tastes to more "exotic" flavours, there's something for everyone. There's also nicotine strengths for heavy smokers all the way down to nicotine free (including the only 1mg on the market)

Safe, Premium Ingredients

Containing just four high quality, approved base ingredients, customers will experience a more enjoyable and safer vape than alternative low cost products.

Take a Look Behind The Scenes

88Vape's success would not be possible without it's state of the art 25,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility. Supplying over 1 million customers, we have full traceability on all 5 million+ bottles of liquid that leave our factory every month. Watch our video for a behind the scenes look at the UK’s largest e-liquid manufacturer.

£1 E-Liquid (10ml)

A key part of successfully selling e-liquids is providing choice, and through our flagship range we offer this to you in abundance. No other e-liquid brand offers what we do and it’s why so many retailers choose to stock our products:

40+ flavours

7 nicotine strengths from 20mg down to
the UK's only 1mg e-liquid

3 popular e-liquid types including PG 70%,
50/50 & Nicotine Salts

product image
product image

Short Fills

Our 60ml Nicotine free short fills have grown in popularity as they can be sold and bought in larger bottles under TPD laws. They have 10ml of empty space so that users can add a nicotine shot and tailor the strength, hence the name 'short fill'. Our ever growing range consists of:

25+ flavours and growing

VG 75-80% e-liquid

1.5% & 1.8% nicotine shots
also available


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Our range appeals to vapers of all types and caters for all tastes. From heavy smokers to those looking to give up nicotine altogether, you have access to all the products they will need.

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Making over 200,000 bottles of e-liquid every day, we sell in bulk at prices retailers can afford. With over 1 million existing customers and margins of 40-50%, it's easy to see why we're in so many stores.

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All of our nicotine products are fully TPD compliant and registered with the MHRA. This gives you and your customers peace of mind that 88Vape products are safe, legal and are of the required standard.


88Vape products, including POS display units such as FSDUs and mini counter top displays, are available for purchase direct from Supreme Imports. Approved online sellers can also request high resolution product images for use on websites.

To find out more information, please complete and submit the form below and one of the team will be in touch.