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The Cost of Vaping Compared to Smoking

The Cost of Vaping Compared to Smoking

One of the questions we’re asked a lot by smokers is this one.

How expensive is it to vape?

The cost of vaping compared to smoking is a huge incentive for many people when the time comes to choose whether or not to switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. After all, even if vaping is less harmful, it’s not live everyone could switch if vaping was restrictively expensive.

The good news is, it’s not.

It’s Cheaper to Vape than to Smoke

OK, that’s a bold claim. We’re not going to stop the article there without showing you any evidence, but we could. Because you’ll discover yourself within a week or two that vaping is far less expensive than smoking.

Even if you have to start from scratch with a new electronic cigarette. Even with the cost of replacement coils. Even if you want to vape menthol in the morning and tobacco in the afternoon.

Vaping is always going to be cheaper than smoking.

Let’s have a look.

How Much Does It Cost to Smoke?

The NHS Smokefree website says it costs £3,000 per year to smoke. That seems like a lot to us. So let’s do some maths.

The most popular cigarette brand in the UK used to come in a silver packet. To buy a packet of 20 of them from a supermarket today, it will cost you £10.35.

Let’s say you smoke ten a day. Not an unreasonable amount.

That’s over £5 per day. But let’s look at four weeks. 28 days. In that time, you’ll buy 14 packets of cigarettes. That gives us our rough monthly cost to smoke.

Cost to Smoke: £144.90

(By the way, over a year that’ll cost you £1,883.70. Not as much as the Smokefree website says, but still a lot)

How Much Does It Cost to Vape?

Let’s say you’re starting from scratch. You have nothing. Maybe an empty packet of cigarettes. But you want to start vaping. Let’s look at how much it’ll cost you in that first month.

You’ll need an e-cigarette. We won’t skimp here, and we’ll buy a Deluxe E-Cigarette starter kit. The coil in that will last for a week, so we’ll need spares. They come in packets of two, so we’ll get two packs, to give you four spares.

That’s the hardware done. Now we need some eliquids. You’ve been smoking ten cigarettes each day, so we’ll buy 11mg e-liquids. Most people go through three bottles per week, but you might need a little extra to get started. So let’s buy 15 bottles, just so you’ve got spares.

Of course, you’re not nipping to the supermarket for this order (although you can find our products on the high street in a whole host of shops). You’ll need it delivering. So we’ll have to add the cost of delivery onto this.

Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit:                      £9.99
Deluxe E-Cigarette Coils (x4):                       £7.98
11mg PG Liquids (x15):                                    £15.00
Delivery (free if order is over £10):                £0.00

So what’s the cost to vape for month one, when we’ve had to invest in an e-cigarette starter kit?

Cost to Vape: £32.97

Well, that’s lower. In month one, you save £111.93.

In month two, when you don’t need to buy a new e-cigarette, you’ll save £121.92.

Vaping Saves over £120 per month. What About Over a Whole Year?

Let’s expand this over a year. We’ll stick at 15 bottles, just to keep it easy, and we’ll buy four new coils a month. Because sometimes batteries expire, we’ll buy you a new e-cigarette every four months too.

Cost to Vape for ONE YEAR

Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kits (x4):        £39.96
Deluxe E-Cigarette Coils (x48):                £95.76
11mg PG Liquids (x180):                            £180.00

Cost to Vape: £315.72

Some quick maths will show you that it takes nearly that much to smoke for two months. So after eight to ten weeks, switching to vaping will pay for itself.

But remember, we looked at the price to smoke for a year above.

Cost to smoke for 12 months:        £1,883.70
Cost to vape for 12 months:          £315.72

By switching, you save:                £1567.98

Stopping smoking will save you over 1500 pounds per year. A quick look on a package holiday website shows that’s enough for two people to go to Turkey on an all-inclusive holiday for a week and still have the best part of £500 spending money.

Ditch the fags, take advantage of our £1 eliquids, and enjoy your holiday. We’re looking forward to getting a postcard!

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