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The 88Vape Menthol Range

The 88Vape Menthol Range

If you've ever experienced the invigorating coolness of a menthol cigarette and want to recreate the moment without any cigarette nastiness, with 88Vape's menthol range, you can do just that.

What if you've never smoked, you're merely a vaping enthusiast on the hunt for an exhilarating and refreshing experience? Then look no further than our 88Vape Menthol range.

In fact, anyone wanting a menthol chill, we invite you to journey with us and discover the pleasure of icy coolness combined with delightful flavours to create an unmatched vaping sensation.

But first...

What is menthol?

Menthol is a chemical compound naturally found in mint plants, such as peppermint and spearmint. It's a common ingredient in many of our e-liquids, where we use it to deliver a cooling effect that can be refreshing and soothing, and of course to add flavour.

So, let's talk menthol magic

Life can get hectic, and we all need a moment of tranquility. Our 88Vape Menthol range offers more than just a vaping experience – whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation or a burst of energy, each menthol e liquid in our range has the power to soothe your senses and tickle your taste buds like nothing else.

Menthol is one of the most popular flavours of e-liquid, and for good reason. It has a refreshing, cooling effect that can help to soothe the throat and lungs, even better, the clever mixologists in our Manchester flavour lab have masterfully incorporated it into our best quality vaping products to create menthol magic in a range of delicious menthol e-liquids.

Our selection of menthol-infused flavours cater to a diverse range of taste preferences. Whether you're a fan of the pure, unadulterated menthol hit or someone who delights in the fusion of menthol with fruits, berries, or even desserts, there's an enticing option awaiting your exploration.

Exploring the 88Vape Menthol range

At 88Vape we have wide range of menthol e-liquids to choose from, so there's sure to be one that you'll love. Here are a few of our most popular flavours:

  • Menthol e liquid: If you're a purist who revels in the simplicity of menthol, this best in class Menthol e liquid is a classic, cool menthol flavour that delivers a satisfying menthol taste with every inhale. There's no gimmicks, no add-ons, no extras, just high quality vape ingredients that blast menthol. (It also comes as high strength nic salt products.)

  • Menthol Chill: If you're after menthol with the chill factor turned down to minimum, then our best-selling Menthol Chill is your go-to choice. With each inhale, experience the unapologetic punch of menthol that's as crisp and invigorating as a brisk morning breeze. This is a classic that never goes out of style.

  • Spearmint: Spearmint e-liquid gives vapers a minty escape without the intense icy chill of Menthol. It's the perfect choice for those who crave the invigorating taste of mint without the overpowering coldness. With every inhale, you'll be greeted with the smooth and refreshing notes of spearmint, creating a vaping journey that's both uplifting and soothing. It's the next best thing to actually sitting in a lush garden on a warm summer's day with the gentle breeze wafting an invigorating scent of fresh mint leaves over you

  • Menthol Tobacco: If you miss old menthol cigarettes, then you need menthol tobacco e liquid in your device. Who knew a simple combination of our two most popular blends - toasted tobacco and an 88Vape menthol, all combined in an easy all day 50/50 juice would be such a hit? Well, obviously we did. Currently only available with a 6mg nicotine strength, this e liquid delivers a great tasting menthol flavour.

  • Fruit menthol flavours: Are you ready for a combination of fruity goodness paired with icy coolness? Our unique fruit menthol blends bring you the best of both worlds. Imagine the sweetness of ripe berries and the juiciness of tropical fruits, all wrapped in the embrace of a refreshing menthol breeze. It's a symphony of flavours that will leave you craving more.

  • 88Fusion: If you're after a vape juice that's as unique as it is extraordinarily delicious, our 88Fusion e liquid is a bestselling combination of aniseed, grape and menthol is for you. Seriously, this signature flavour is one of our top sellers because the unusual flavour combination develops with every inhale.

Dedicated craftsmanship creates quality e liquids

Quality is the cornerstone of the 88Vape brand, and our Menthol Range is no exception. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients including top-grade menthol extracts means you can delight in a taste that's as authentic as it is delicious, and a vaping experience you won't soon forget.

No matter where you are in your vaping journey, our Menthol Range has something special for you. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned vaper, this range's varying nicotine strengths cater to your individual preferences. It's all about embracing versatility and making your vaping experience uniquely yours.

Fancy trying something from our range? When you spend over £15 on any of our products - vape juices, vaping accessories, nicotine products, even vape kits, you get free UK delivery on every order.

FAQs about menthol e-liquid

What are the benefits of vaping menthol e liquid?

Menthol vape juice has a number of benefits, including:

  • Cooling sensation: The menthol in menthol vape juice can produce a cooling sensation in the throat and lungs, which can be refreshing and soothing.

  • Flavour: Menthol e liquid has a strong, minty flavour which is popular with many vapers.

  • Helps smokers quit: Menthol vape juice can help smokers quit smoking by providing a similar feeling to smoking a menthol cigarette.

What are the risks of vaping menthol e liquid?

Vaping menthol e-liquid has some potential risks, including:

  • Addiction: Menthol can increase the risk of addiction to nicotine.

  • Harder to quit vaping: Menthol can make it harder to quit vaping.

  • Increased risk of cancer: Some studies have shown that menthol may increase the risk of cancer.

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