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The 88Vape Menthol Range

The 88Vape Menthol Range

With the menthol cigarette ban coming into effect, menthol vapes are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But with so much variety to choose from, it can be daunting to decide which menthol eliquid is right for you.

To make things simpler, we’ve explained some of the best sellers in our menthol range, giving first-time vapers, fruit-flavour enthusiasts, sub-ohm hobbyists and even social smokers recommendations for what to try.

Best for First-Time Vapers

If the menthol cigarette ban has caused you to think about picking up an ecigarette and throwing away your lighter, the sheer number of options in our menthol eliquid range might be causing you some confusion.

So let us simplify it for you.

We have three liquids that are perfect for first-time vapers making the switch from tobacco.

The first of these is our clean, crisp menthol eliquid. It’s as simple as they come. No extra flavourings, just fresh, minty menthol. It’s got a real peppermint kick to it, so it’s perfect for any time of day. Just don’t vape this if you’re planning on drinking a glass of orange juice in the next ten minutes.

If you fancy an additional pure icy kick, the our bestselling Menthol Chill flavour should be your on your shopping list.

The next is the first of the menthol blends we’ll be discussing today. Our menthol tobacco eliquid has the same deep, rich, toasted flavours of our much-loved tobacco eliquid, but with a minty twist.

It’s as near to your departed menthol cigarettes as your likely to find. In flavour at least, because this liquid doesn’t contain any tar.

Best Menthol With a Fruity Twist

All of 88Vape’s eliquids are made right here in Manchester, so if one of our vape chemists has an idea, they’re free to test it out. And if that idea’s good, we make a big batch of it for our customers.

Our two most popular kinds of eliquid are fruit flavours and mint flavours, so one day we had an idea. Why not combine them?

We’re glad we did, because it led to some of our most popular products!

Frosted Fruits eliquid is an enigma. It’s sweet, fruity, and with just a touch of mint to keep everything frosty. Some people say it tastes totally tropical, others say it’s like American candy. One thing’s for sure. It’s delicious!

Arctic Cherry eliquid is a can of fizzy pop in a 10ml bottle. It’s got the taste of a rich, sticky cherry cola, and then a hint of menthol provides the sensation of clinking ice cubes. It’s definitely one to try!

And then there’s 88Fusion. It’s got mixed grape, it’s got aniseed, and it’s got menthol. It’s a taste sensation, and one of our best sellers. You really need to try it to believe how good it is!

Best Menthol for Sub-Ohm Vapers

Sub-ohm vapers have always had the short end of the stick when it comes to menthol. For some reason, cloud chasers aren’t usually offered something chilly.

We think differently though. We think a great menthol eliquid can be enjoyed with any device. So we created our Menthol Chill Short Fills, a menthol-spiked 75% VG juice that’ll help you blow huge arctic snow clouds of vapour.

It’s so chilly that you might need to pop on your bobble hat before taking that first inhale!

Best for Social Smokers

Until now, we’ve been focused on people who smoke or vape on a daily basis, but what about the social smokers?

Many people who would choose a menthol cigarette only vape when out with friends, or while drinking. For these people, we can recommend not just an eliquid, but a specific vape kit that’s designed for occasional use and fits perfectly into a small handbag or trouser pocket.

For social smokers making the switch, we recommend the Zillion pod vape system, partnered with a few bottles of our 50/50 menthol nic salts. Perfectly formulated for occasional use, this liquid and vape pod will stop you from making that 1am dash to the petrol station for a packet of cigs.

So whether you’re a smoker looking to switch, or a vaper looking for a fresh, minty hit, you’ll find plenty to love in the 88Vape menthol range. Find your new favourites today!

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