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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Quit Smoking

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Quit Smoking

If you are a cigarette smoker, the number one best thing you can ever do for your health is quit. That’s true every day of every year since cigarettes were first invented.

But it’s especially important right now. Health organisations all over the world are lobbying to have tobacco production stopped during the Coronavirus pandemic. They think the world’s 1.3 billion smokers are all at high risk, and that smokers are more likely to develop a severe case of the disease.

The majority of our customers are ex-smokers, as are lots of our team members. So we want to give you some advice on quitting.

We won’t just tell you to switch to vaping. It might not be right for you. 

But we want you to try these quitting methods in this post until you find something that keeps you away from cigarettes. Not just until you’re out of lockdown. Not just until there’s a coronavirus vaccine. Forever.

NOTE: If you don’t smoke OR vape, don’t start now

Listen, any other time, we’d love to introduce you to the vaping hobby. We’ve got loads of nicotine-free liquids that are perfect for cloud chasing. But now’s not the time.

It’s a fact of life that when you start vaping, you’ll start coughing more. And when we’re all on the lookout for coughs as a symptom of this horrible disease, the last thing you want is the worry caused because a hit of Pink Lemonade tickled the back of your throat and you started smoking.

When all this is over, we’d love you to try our products. But for now, we’d like to sell our products only to people who either currently vape, or who are trying to switch from smoking. 

So you want to quit. What next?

Let’s weigh up your options, shall we?

Cold Turkey

This is the simplest option, and also the toughest. You just don’t smoke. Wake up in the morning? Don’t smoke. Having a drink in front of the TV? Don’t smoke. Finished a meal? Don’t smoke. Walking the dog – you get the picture.

Cold turkey is hard. You can be grumpy, irritable and stressed. Which is bad at the best of times, let alone when you’re trying to adjust to working from home and you’re worrying about the evening news.

But if you have the willpower to power through your cravings, cold turkey will wean you off nicotine entirely.

Nicotine Patches

Patches don’t take much effort. You slap on a patch in the morning, and then just don’t smoke. You’ll get a small amount of nicotine throughout the day to keep the cravings at bay, and for many people that’s enough.

But patches don’t help with behavioural addictions. You might find that you miss holding a cigarette, or having something in your mouth. That’s fine, it’s normal. You can fiddle with a pen (don’t chew it), or a stress ball. 

If you keep your hands busy, patches might be the key to quitting.

Gum and Lozenges

Need a cigarette? Chew on some nicotine gum. Or take a lozenge. Or have a quick blast on a nicotine spray.

These methods are more active than patches, so you’ll feel more in control of your nicotine cravings. But they still won’t really address that need to pick up and hold something cigarette shaped.

Chewing can replace the oral cravings ex-smokers get though, and we’ve seen a few people switch from nicotine gum to plain old mint chewing gum.


This is what worked for Alex in our office, and for lots of people in our warehouse. We’d all tried cold turkey, and patches, and gum, but they didn’t work. And vaping did.

It’s quite a common story. So if you can’t quit cold turkey, and you don’t think patches or sprays or gum will help, then switching to vaping is far better for you than smoking.

A vape pen gives your hands something to do, a tobacco flavoured liquid is far closer to a cigarette than a stick of gum, and the act of vaping is very similar to smoking so it won’t feel like you’re missing out.

We’ve also launched the UK's first 1mg eliquid range to help you reduce your nicotine intake over time, so you can quit nicotine eliquids just like you’ve quit smoking. 

If you do choose vaping, we’d recommend starting with something simple like our pre-filled vape starter kit, or one of our classic pens. You can then grab a few pre-filled clearomisers (for the pre-filled kit), or £1 eliquids for the vape pens. 

The most cost-effective way to vape for a month is to buy a classic vape pen and 15 bottles of our £1 eliquid (enough for a new bottle every 2-3 days). That’s just over £20, and enough to get you free delivery.

It’s time to quit smoking

If vaping is right for you and will help you quit, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. But whether you choose a vape pen from us – or anyone else – or patches from your local pharmacy, or to go cold turkey, we’re sure that quitting smoking is the best decision you could make.

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