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Pre-Filled Vape Kits

Pre-filled vape kits or clearomisers are the simplest way to vape our classic range of flavours. You simply screw them onto your Classic Pen battery, click the button 5 times to switch it on, and then vape!

It couldn't be simpler. There's no re-refilling, no spillages, and you don't even need to let the coil soak.

Each pre-filled clearomiser contains 1.6ml of 50/50 nicotine salt which, when vaped, will satisfy your nicotine cravings in a shorter amount of time, and you won't need to vape as much either.

So, why not choose a few delicious flavours, "add to basket" and transform your vape journey today?

Why Choose A Pre-Filled Vape Kit?

A prefilled pod, vape, or clearomiser is pod that is filled with e-liquid that you simply click into your vape. They make it easy for you to replicate the experience of smoking in three simple steps: choose your e-liquid or nicotine salt flavour, click your clearomiser into your vape, and start vaping!

One of the major benefits of a pre-filled vape kit is that there is no need for re-filling e-liquid manually, which can be difficult and time-consuming. And, there will be fewer spills and leakage. If you like the low-maintenance lifestyle, the 88Vape pre-filled vape kit should be at the top of your "to buy list"!

What Are The Benefits?

Aside from experience little to no e-liquid spills when changing your clearomisers out, a prefilled pod or vape provides unrivalled convenience, especially for vapers who are constantly on the go.

You're at your desk, typing an email after a long day - so you snap an 88Vape pre-filled e-liquid into your vape and light up.

Or, you have just had a great meal and want something sweet to finish it off, so you choose the berry flavoured clearomiser, click into place, and take that first, satisfying drag....all without having to refill any liquid or replace any coils.

Pod kits are also great stepping stones for people who want to stop smoking but are confused about the ins and outs of vaping. There is very little assemblage needed when it comes to pods and pod kits, and the ease of use makes the transition from smoking to vaping feel more natural.

The nicotine in the prefilled pods is not as high as one will find in cigarettes, making vaping a healthier choice for ex-smokers and new vapers alike.

A prefilled vape also allows you to easily discover new e-liquid flavours without the need to purchase an entire bottle, only to find you don't enjoy it.

Prefilled pod kits are the epitome of efficiency!

How Long Do Pre-Filled Vape Pods Last?

The lasting power of these clearomisers is impressive, but it does depend on your vaping frequency and vape use. Usually, our clearomisers can last for up to 200 to 300 puffs. For novices, this might be more, and for experienced users, this might be less.

Each kit contains three clearomisers, so you can easily replace your used flavour with another. Those who are transitioning from smoking to vaping might find that the lifespan of the pod is shorter, based on how often they vape.

Light It Up With Pre-Filled Vape Starter Kits

These clearomisers do not require any re-filling or soaking time, making your first vape experience quick, easy, and enjoyable. Each pre-filled vape kit contains a battery, handy USB charging cable, and three clearomisers filled with nicotine salt in our delicious classic flavours: 88Fusion, Berries, Menthol, and Tobacco

To reduce any possibility of burning your coil, you should:

These pre-filled 88Vape starter kits are perfect gifts for the discerning beginner or an experience vape enthusiast who wants to spend less time re-filling and soaking, and more time enjoying life. So, click the "add to basket" button and surprise a friend (or spoil yourself) today!