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Introducing the 88Vape 1mg Range

Introducing the 88Vape 1mg Range

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t sell most of our products.

That’s a crazy thing for a business to say, isn’t it? But it’s true. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to sell nicotine eliquids to people who’ve spent years of their lives addicted to smoking. Because nobody would smoke, and nobody would want nicotine. We could just focus on flavour and clouds, and a fun vaping experience.

But as long as people start smoking and want to quit, we’ll need to support them with nicotine eliquids of various strengths. 18mg liquids for heavy smokers, 6mg liquids for light smokers.

But then what? If you’re giving up nicotine altogether, a leap from 6mg or 3mg to no nicotine at all is still a tough leap to make.

So we’ve brought in one last stepping stone to take you to a nicotine free life. The UK’s first 1mg eliquids


Your timeline to a nicotine-free life

As anyone who’s gone cold-turkey knows, going from smoking heavily to having no nicotine at all is stressful. It leaves you irritable, nauseous, and sometimes unable to sleep. But with cigarettes, there’s no way of moderating your nicotine intake. 

Thanks to the 1mg range, you can now taper your nicotine consumption right down, making quitting easier.

Stage one: Replacing your cigarettes

If you go from smoking twenty cigarettes a day to vaping a 1mg eliquid, I’m afraid to say that it’ll be really hard for you to quit. Your body won’t be getting the nicotine it expects, so you’ll still go through withdrawal.

The best way is to start by keeping your nicotine intake the same. Just by switching to vaping, you’ll be cutting out things like tar, and hydrogen cyanide, and benzene, and all the other awful things you find in tobacco smoke.

Here’s the first strength of eliquid you should buy:

Cigarettes per Day Eliquid Strength
20+ 18mg
15-20 16mg
5-15 11mg
1-5 6mg
0 0mg 

This will help you to switch to vaping without any cigarette cravings. Stick with this until you’re used to vaping and you stop actively craving cigarettes. This can take up to six weeks.

Stage two: Lowering the dose

Once you’re comfortable vaping, it’s time to reduce your dose. It’s time to move down a strength on that chart above. If you’re using 18mg liquids, move down to 16mg or 11mg. And if you’re only on 6mg, consider choosing either a 3mg liquid or moving straight to the next step.

This isn’t an exact science. You may initially vape more often to try and keep your nicotine levels up. Just make sure you’re aware, and try and get back to vaping as much as you did on your original strength of eliquid.

Then when you’re comfortable, move down another strength. Keep going. Be patient, and eventually you’ll get to 3mg.

Stage three: Leaving nicotine behind

Every other eliquid manufacturer in the UK goes from 3mg of nicotine to zero. And if you’re addicted to nicotine, that’s quite a jump. So the next stage is to move over to our new 1mg range.

You may find it easier to switch to a new flavour at this stage – from tobacco to menthol – so that you’re not constantly comparing this super-low nicotine liquid to the juices you’ve been vaping so far.

But eventually, you’ll be accustomed to barely any nicotine at all.

Now it’s time to make that final tiny step.

Stage four: A nicotine-free life

Well done! After a few weeks or months on our 1mg liquids, you’ll be ready to switch to our nicotine free products. The world is your oyster here, and you might even find you take up cloud chasing with our huge range of nicotine free VG liquids.

But you’ll know that if the cravings hit, there’s always the emergency option of a 1mg liquid to take the edge off. It’s not perfect, but it’s far better than running back to the cigarettes.

Are you quitting nicotine? Is our 1mg eliquid helping?

Let us know on social media, or by leaving a comment below.

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