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No Tricks: Avoid these five vaping nightmares

No Tricks: Avoid these five vaping nightmares

When it comes to vaping, we all know it’s all treats and no "tricks". Even so, that doesn’t stop there being the occasional conundrum to deal with. Whether it’s vape tongue or an unpleasant burning sensation, keeping your vape kit in order is all part of being a vaping veteran. Here’s the solutions to a few of the most encountered vaping nightmares going.


Are you regularly fumbling about with all your e-liquid bottles and vaping parts? Don’t worry - we’ve all been there. The solution to all your problems is simple - a carry case. Making use of a case can stop you losing all those important parts that every veteran vaper cares about. The bonus is that you’re much less likely to lose any of your components or e-liquids too.

Vaper's tongue

The dreaded vaper's tongue - a flavour chaser’s true nightmare. Vaper's tongue is when your tongue has been overloaded with a certain flavour and becomes desensitised to the taste. Try mixing up your flavours once in a while - not only does this stop vape tongue, but you also get to try a host of new e-liquids.

Sticky tanks

A reduced flavour is another of our vaping pet peeves. Diminishing flavours can be a nightmare if you want the full blast of your favourite flavour. What’s needed most of the time is a nice spring clean. Take all your components apart and give your tank a thorough rinse. If you’re spotting lots of gunk and sticky e-liquid residue, that’s probably the answer to your problem. Check out our blog posts to get the full lowdown on cleaning and refilling your tank properly.

Burning taste

You don’t need us to tell you that the taste of a burnt vape really isn’t pleasant. Unfortunately, it can be experienced way too easily if you don’t know how to stop it. There’s a few probable reasons for that burning taste, most of them surrounding your coils. Try replacing your coils much more often and, when you’re refilling, make sure you prime your coils properly. See more tips on how to avoid burning out coils.

Learning Curve

All vapers have to get their heads around the vaping lingo at the beginning, but it doesn’t stop there. We understand that it can occasionally feel frustrating not being able to understand everything there is to do with vaping. The best way to solve this problem? Get involved with the community! One of our favourite things about the vaping community is that there’s always something new to learn from friendly, like-minded people.

No matter how long you’ve been vaping, it’s still easy to bump into a few of these nightmares every so often. Don’t get lazy with your cleaning routine and always make sure you’re not overdoing it with certain flavours to make sure your vaping journey is as smooth as possible.
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