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How to stop your vape tasting burnt

How to stop your vape tasting burnt

There’s nothing worse than refilling your vaporizer with sweet e-liquid and receiving a burning sensation in return. Much like your car, your vaping hardware requires care and attention in order to work smoothly. If you’re having trouble, we’ve listed a few of the main reasons and solutions to that horrible burning taste below.

Have a spring clean

You would never guess the amount of vapers who don’t wash out their device thoroughly enough. If you're getting that burning taste too often, it might be time to have a spring clean of your coils and tank. Make sure you separate your vaporizer safely, lightly wash all that nasty residue under a warm tap and leave your tank and coils out to dry.

Don’t vape at too high a wattage

If you’ve been increasing your wattage to get bigger clouds of vapour but you’re noticing a burnt taste, it might be time to tone things down a bit. Find the recommended wattage for your vaporizer and break new coils in slowly to make sure you’re getting the most out of your e-liquids.

Keep your tank full

Who doesn’t want an excuse to keep that tank brimming with vape juice? Vaping when your tank is in need of a refill will only amplify those burning tastes. If you take the extra time to fill up your vape tank, you’ll be rewarded with some enhanced e-liquid flavours.

Don’t chain vape too often

We all love vaping right? Even so, vaping too enthusiastically can be detrimental to your device. When you’re on the hunt for that huge cloud, it can be easy to fall into chain-vaping. Many coils will overheat if you’re putting in too many big sessions, so try and slow it down if you don’t want that off-putting burning taste.

Prime your coils when refilling

This one seems obvious, but it’s really easy to forget! When you’re refilling your tank always make sure you prime your coils with a few drops of that sweet vape juice. This will allow the wick to saturate, ensuring that your coil doesn’t burn. If you’ve got a brand new coil and don’t prime it, it can be very easy to create that burning taste.

If you’re a vaping beginner, it might take a bit of time to get to grips with the mechanisms behind vaping. However, try following these steps and you’ll never have to taste that burning taste again (except maybe on your toast!).
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