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Nic Salts vs E-Liquids: The differences explained

Nic Salts vs E-Liquids: The differences explained

If you’ve decided to ditch smoking, Nic Salts can be a very fulfilling alternative. They are a variety of e-liquids that supply a supercharged method of getting nicotine into your bloodstream. So what's the difference between regular e-liquids and Nic Salts? We’ve written this handy blog to outline some of those big differences, without the chemical jargon.


When compared to standard e-liquids, the nicotine strength of nic salts is commonly around 18mg. Don’t worry, you can go even higher than that if you’re looking for a more powerful hit! This added potency makes nic salts perfect for smokers looking to get rid of their tobacco habit, while supplying a more satisfying vaping experience.

Throat hit

Despite their added potency, nic salts provide a much smoother throat hit compared to standard e-liquids. This is due to the added benzoic acid, a chemical that lowers alkalinity and allows for smooth vaping at higher nicotine levels. This unique chemical makeup also ensures nicotine is absorbed quicker into the bloodstream.

Suited to different vaping styles

MTL (mouth to lung vaping) and DTL (down to lung vaping) are both suited to different types of vape juice. MTL has a higher volume of smoke and is therefore enhanced with nic salts, giving you a less intense hit despite the added nicotine.

Used in differing hardware

With less volume and a higher efficiency, nic salt vapers tend to lean more towards pod vapes and lower power vape devices. The low wattage allows for a more authentic vaping experience, creating a comforting and reassuring method of vaping for ex-smokers. Remember, you can use nic salts in other devices, but you may experience a much harsher vape.


At first glance, nic salts seem to be the more costly option for vapers. Don’t be fooled! Nic salts will use up a much lower volume compared to your standard e-liquids. Added up over time, you’ll actually end up saving a decent amount of money.

We understand that it can be difficult to wade your way through all the jargon that surrounds e-liquids and nic salts, but hopefully our guide cleared some things up for you! Whether you’re an ex-smoker or a vaper looking to strengthen their liquids, nic salts can provide a simple, powerful and effective alternative.
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