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How to Clean Your Vape Tank

How to Clean Your Vape Tank

Cleaning your tank is one of the most important elements when it comes to looking after your vape device and ensuring a nice vaping experience. It helps to make sure that you get a full flavour when you switch e-liquid whilst also keeping the individual elements of the tank working properly. Here’s how to clean your tank. 

  • Take apart your tank.
  • Unscrew the tank from your device - most tanks will unscrew at the bottom, where it attaches to the battery. Then take the tank apart so you can clean each part individually. Usually, this means removing the mouthpiece from the top and taking out the coil. 

    Top tip: Make a mental note of how to put the tank back together or write down some instructions.

  • Run the body of the tank under warm water 
  • Run the body of your tank (i.e. without the coil or mouthpiece) under warm water for around 20 seconds. Move it around into different angles to make sure it gets thoroughly washed. This will help to clear away any e-liquid residue that’s built up over time. 

    Top tip: Make sure the temperature of the water is hot enough to clean but not so hot that you can’t hold your hand underneath it.

  • Wash the individual pieces
  • Put all of your pieces into a bowl of warm water, let them soak for 5 minutes and take them out individually to clean with a soft-bristled toothbrush or a soft wet cloth - especially for the pieces that have threading or other detailed features. 

    Top tip: Rinse each piece after you have cleaned it to remove any leftover e-liquid or residue.

  • Dry all of your pieces
  • Dry all of the pieces with a soft cloth or a handkerchief. To dry smaller parts, twist the handkerchief or cloth to create a thinner cone-like shape. Once you have given your pieces a dry with this method, lay them out onto a towel to air dry for an hour or so before reassembling and refilling. 

    Top tip: Do not dry your pieces with direct sunlight or a heating device (e.g. a hairdryer) as this can cause damage.

  • Reassemble, refill, and vape
  • You should know the drill with this part: reassemble the pieces in the reverse order to the way you took them apart, refill the tank with juice (allowing the coil the correct amount of time to prime) and vape. 

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