Dream Liquid: How to find your all-day-vape

Finding an all-day-vape is the ultimate aim of any vaper - there’s no right or wrong way to go about this and a large part of the process will come down to trying new flavours until you discover the perfect balance for you. However, seeing as we know how tricky it can be, here are our tips for finding your all-day vape.

What is an all-day-vape?

Much like it sounds, an all-day-vape (also known as an ADV) is an e-liquid that you can quite happily vape throughout the day. The factors that come together to create this ultimate e-liquid can usually be split under two main topics: flavour and experience.


Everyone has different tastes - some vapers will love menthol flavours, others will be fruit e-liquid fanatics! However, usually, this flavour will have a balance of sweetness, sourness and creaminess that comes together to create a special X-factor that makes it the perfect e-liquid for the user.


Finding the optimum experience from your e-liquid can be harder to nail down than finding an appealing flavour as there is a lot to take into consideration:

PG/VG - the ratio of these two e-liquid bases make a big difference to your experience. PG holds more flavour, produces less vapour but also carries a stronger throat hit. VG is smoother, produces a lot of vapour but has a sweeter, more dilute taste.

Nicotine strength - this is simple: too high and your body might not thank you for it; too low and you’ll crave cigarettes. We recommend starting at 6mg and adjusting from there.

Type of e-liquid - you can choose a ‘normal’ e-liquid or nic salts, this is all down to personal preference but some ex-smokers prefer nic salts as they provide a more instant nicotine effect.

How to pick your ADV

If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again - this is the best advice we can give you when it comes to finding your all-day-vape. The more flavours and e-liquids you try, the more likely you are to find the one you like.

However, we would recommend finding a flavour group and exploring them in stages. For example, if you like strawberry e-liquid, why not try as many fruit flavours as you can afford and see if there are any variations that you like better.

Ultimately, it can take a little while to find the ADV of your dreams but it’s important to remember that every flavour you try will take you one step closer to finding an e-liquid that you can vape all day long!

If you need a gentle push in the right direction, see our best e liquid flavours here. There is something for everyone!

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