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Born in the UK

Sometimes, you surprise us. We know that you’re all clever customers, and that you love a bargain. But we’ve heard rumblings that some people out there on the internet think that the “Made in the UK” badge on every bottle of 88Vape eliquid is a bit of a fib.

We’ve all heard the rumours. Some companies import gallons of eliquid from China, decant it into bottles and slap on a sticker saying this is as British as cricket, crumpets and complaining about wet bank holiday weekends.

You’re right to take every claim with a pinch of salt, but you’re wrong about us. We want to explain exactly where our liquids come from.

So Where Do 88Vape’s Eliquids Come From?




Let’s make it specific.

Our e liquids are all made in Trafford Park. That’s in Greater Manchester, a stone’s throw from the Trafford Centre, and most certainly in Britain.

Everything happens here in our depot. Let’s explain just what goes into getting a new flavour of eliquid to the shelf by explaining how we get a bottle of 88Vape Sweet Strawberry Liquid into a WH Smith’s in your local town.

First of all, we have to develop the flavour. Our in-house chemist takes a range of natural strawberry and fruit flavourings, and plays around with ratios until there’s a taste she loves.

Once she’s happy, it gets passed around. People in the bottling plant, in the offices, in the warehouse try some. Once we’re all certain this flavour is spot on, we ramp up the production.

Using food-grade ingredients we’ve purchased from reliable suppliers, we blend together the liquids ourselves in our mixing plant. Only tested and approved ingredients are added, and each batch is tested for quality, accurate nicotine strength, and for taste. If a batch fails a test, it’s discarded.

At this point, we have a vat of eliquid sitting in our Trafford Park lab. After sealing it and securing it, we take it a few yards through our depot to the in-house bottling plant. Our bottling machines fill and seal tens of thousands of bottles per day, add the labels that we design upstairs in our office, and then box them up.

Some boxes go to our online distribution team, who post out orders to customers all over the UK, but most stay in our warehouse for a short time before a courier takes them to shops all over the country. Supermarkets like Asda, where you pick it up, buy it and enjoy it.

100% UK made, manufactured and supplied. Every time.

Why Do You Keep Everything In-House?

One word. Quality.

By developing, mixing, packing and distributing every single liquid ourselves, we can ensure our eliquids offer unbeatable quality.

Until the dispatcher loads a shipment of eliquid into a lorry, we’ve been responsible for every single second of that eliquid’s existence.

And that’s how we know that it’s always fantastic.

UK Made Eliquids

If you have any questions about how our liquids are made, or you want to see the bottling plant in action, drop us a line on Facebook. We’ll be happy to put up a video showing how everything works!

And in the meantime, make sure you enjoy your favourite British-made flavours. This week, we’re vaping Tobacco Nut. It’s definitely worth a try!

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