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Top 10 best e liquid flavours 2021

Top 10 best e liquid flavours 2021

Here at 88Vape, we make and offer hundreds of e liquid flavours and nicotine strengths to vapers. Over the years, we’ve made vape juice that people have loved, e juice that people haven’t loved quite as much, and e liquid that was just OK. When you love our flavours, we make more of them. When you don’t, we don’t.

And we make and sell hundreds of thousands of bottles of e juice per day. So you can probably say that we’re vaping experts. But every now and then a question pops up that we find quite difficult. One that’s not got a simple answer. And the trickiest question of all is the one at the top of this page.

“What are the best e liquid vapour flavours?”

Tough one.

So we put our best minds on the case. And we’ve come up with an answer.

The very best vape juice in the UK today is…

You’ll have to wait. Because before we reveal it, we need to let you know a little more about the vape juices we make. How we make them, what ingredients are used, and the different kinds of flavors available.

Who knows? Maybe by the time we get to our answer, you’ll have made up your own mind and headed to the checkout to stock up on your own choice of vape liquids!

A Quick Recap - How E Juice is Made

88vape uk vape brand

Surely the best flavours of vape juice are the ones that are made in the best way? This isn’t like your mum’s home cooking. Vape juices need to be carefully made to ensure they’re not going to harm your health.

As one of the safest vape brands in the UK, everything we make is based on this principle and contains nothing more than is necessary.

We’ve done an in-depth piece that covers how e juice is created elsewhere on the blog, but if you’re short on time, this quick recap should get you up to speed:

●     Our experts create a new vape juice flavour by mixing and blending food safe ingredients.

●     They add Propylene Glycol (PG) - a food-safe chemical used in medicines that provides the vape juice with a “throat hit.”

●     They blend in Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - a plant oil derivation that adds a base sweetness and thickness to your vape juice to create clouds.

●     They optionally add a small amount of nicotine - taken from tobacco plants but without any of the other chemicals that make smoking so harmful.

●     We test and quality control each batch of vape juice to make sure it’s up to our quality, safety and taste standard.

●     Each batch of vape juice is bottled up on site in Manchester, then either shipped to your local retailer or sold directly to you through our online vape shop.

The best e juice has to follow these steps. It has to be carefully blended using the best quality ingredients, safely mixed with PG and VG (and perhaps nicotine), tested and checked, and bottled correctly. If these steps are missed out, or changed, we’re clearly not dealing with the very best vape juices.

So always look into how your e liquid is made and read up on the brands.

E liquid Ratios Explained

The type of e liquid you buy is determined by the ratio of PG to VG the juice’s recipe contains.

High PG e liquid is suitable for standard vape pens, and comes with a much more pronounced throat hit. PG vape liquids also come in the higher nicotine strengths and are very much suited to ex-smokers.

Most standard e liquid comes in a high PG blend, with strong flavors and thinner clouds.

Sub-ohm vape devices need a high VG vape juice. The throat hit is reduced and the flavors slightly sweeter, but you’re rewarded by thicker cotton-wool clouds.

And then of course there are 50/50 vape juices which offer the best of both worlds and are suitable for pretty much any vape device.

What are the best vape flavours?

Now we know how vape liquids are made, let’s take a look at some of the e liquid flavors you can find on the market today.

Fruit Flavour Vape Juice - High in Flavour, What About Vitamin C?

best fruit flavour e juice

If you polled every single vape user in the UK and asked for their top five vape juice flavors, chances are that a fruit juice flavor e liquid would appear in at least one of the slots. It’s easy to see why. Apple juice, orange juice, even watermelon juice are fresh, tasty flavors.

And while a fruit e liquid might not have the vitamins or nutrients of fresh fruits or a fruity drink (sorry, no immune system boosting antioxidants here), the taste of succulent grape, watermelon or strawberry vape just feels healthy compared to tobacco smoke.

If you want health benefits, nutrients and vitamin C, eat fresh whole fruits and make sure you're drinking plenty of water. If you want a healthier alternative to smoking, then maybe buy a fruit e juice or two?

Candy and Dessert E Liquid - Sweet, But No Sugar

best sweets flavour e juice

We all love a dessert. Something sweet. But then we all feel guilty afterwards. That slice of cake contains a cup of sugar, a whole lot of calories, and that sauce is probably full of strawberry flavor and devoid of strawberry nutrients.

If you’re trying to be healthy, trying to burn some calories, a big fat slice of apple pie might be what you crave, but isn’t what you want. Even if you choose one of those strange recipes where you add a beet to the mix instead of sugar.

That’s why rich, tasty candy and dessert e liquids might have a chance at being the best choice. If you’re vaping your dessert, you’re not piling on the calories. So grab a bottle of lime zest cookie vape juice and treat yourself to something that feels sweet.

After you’ve eaten something green and healthy. Like celery?

Drinks E Juice - A Splash of Flavour

best drink flavour e juice

Energy drinks, even juices like orange and apple juice. They taste great when you're drinking them. They’re sometimes good for you. But depending on the recipe they’re most often backed with unnecessary calories and sugar. When you’re trying to be healthier, you often find that your favourite drink is working against you.

Not so with drink flavor e juice. We wouldn’t be surprised if a cherry cola, an energy drink, or even a tropical juice flavor vape had a chance at being the very best, most popular vape on the market.

Depending on the source, of course.

Mint/Menthol E Juice Flavours - Cooler Than Cool

best menthol flavour e juice

Now we’re into the front runners. As much as we all enjoy fruit based vape liquids, it’s hard to say that a hit of even the tangiest orange juice or apple juice flavors hits the spot if you’re used to smoking cigarettes.

But mint and menthol e liquids? Many smokers don’t like the taste of cigarettes, so they chose menthol cigarettes. When they were banned, the choice was clear. Switch to menthol and mint flavour e juice.

Many vape brands blend different types of mint and menthol to create bottles of cool tasting juice that former smokers just love.

Tobacco Flavour Vape Liquids - Familiar Taste, Better For Your Health

best tobacco flavour e juice

The vast, vast majority of people who buy an e juice are former smokers. They’ve decided to quit to help their health, because they’re worried about their heart, or perhaps even because they want to save money. But they still want nicotine, and they still want a rich, toasted smoky flavour.

So they choose a tobacco e liquid. It might be the easy choice. It might even be the “safe” choice in a world of fizzy, fresh, fruity flavors. But maybe the humble tobacco e juice is the best vape juice after all?

What are the safest e liquids?

safest uk vape juices

Before we finally reveal the 10 best vape juices available on the market, let’s look at what makes the safest. All of the below are big fat red flags and aren’t things you’ll find in our store, but it’s worth checking recipes from other vape brands to avoid the following ingredients (some of which are actually banned in the UK):

●     Micro particles: You don’t want your vape juice to contain anything beyond VG, PG, flavourings, that optional nicotine (more on that below) and perhaps some water. The last thing you want is small particles or fiber ending up in your lungs.

●     Diacetyl: This chemical is banned in the UK and Europe for use in e liquids, but some cheap imported vape juice might contain diacetyl, which has been linked to popcorn lung.

●     Synthetic cannabis: A number of deaths in the USA in 2019 were linked to synthetic cannabis. This is illegal in the UK, but make sure you don’t buy black market bottles of vape juice or cartridges.

●     Nicotine: No, really. Nicotine is addictive. If you never smoked tobacco, you don’t want to suddenly develop an addiction. Stick to nicotine free vape juice.

Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. But that means making the right choices. If you don’t smoke, and you’d like to try a new vape juice, stick to nicotine free flavours.

If you want to try new brands, do your research, find some recipes or articles and see just what goes into their vape mix. And if someone offers you a home-made vape cartridge with a familiar-looking green leaf on the label, think twice about who created this, and what unsavoury chemicals may have gone into the juice blending process.

The best e liquids are the safest e liquids. From the leading vape brands. From the most trusted manufacturers. From high street stores. You’re not going to unearth any hidden gems at the local market, and definitely not from someone selling vape juice out of their coat pocket in the pub on a Saturday night.

Stay sensible. Stay safe.

The Final Countdown: What Are The Top 10 Vape Juices?

Spoiler alert.

All 10 flavours of e juice on this list are from 88Vape. But that’s not just because it’s our blog and we make the rules. Over one million people in the UK choose 88Vape e liquid - which we think makes us one of, if not, the single most popular choice of e juice brands in the country.

That means if you’re looking for the best vapor flavours, you’re really looking for the best sellers from the best vape company.

So here we go. These are the ten 88Vape flavours that sell more 10ml bottles of vape juice per day.

The ten best vape juices in the UK:

10: Rainbow Burst

88vape rainbow burst

A blend of sweet fruit juice (without the sugar), every taste of this e juice will have you wondering - what fruits are in this? Is it orange? Apple? How about lemon, watermelon, strawberry?

Here’s a hint. There’s no celery in this. It’s a burst of fruits, not a vegetable mix!

Available in 3mg, 6mg & shortfill.


9: New York Cheesecake

88vape new york cheesecake

A New York Cheesecake e liquid is a sweet treat with none of the sugar or calories of its namesake.

This blend of tasty ingredients creates a uniquely creamy vape with just a hint of strawberry to make it even tangier and sweeter.

And then at the end? A biscuity hit just to round out the vaping experience. Definitely one to try.

Available in 3mg, 6mg, 11mg & shortfill.


8: Lemon Sherbet

88vape lemon sherbet

Nobody is drinking a glass of lemon juice - no matter what you’ve read about antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C or benefits for your immune system. But you would drink a lovely fizzy glass of lemonade.

With a sherbet flavour added to this vape, we’ve produced a sweet, bubbly flavour that’s consistently one of our best selling juices.

Available in 3mg, 6mg & shortfill.


7: Sweet Strawberry

88vape sweet strawberry

Sometimes simpler is better. We don’t water down our sweet strawberry with a blend of other ingredients.

Nothing is added beyond our finest strawberry flavourings (and optional nicotine) to create a truly fantastic vaping experience.

Those who try a bottle always love the taste.

Available in 1mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg, 18mg & shortfill.


6: Liquorice

88vape liquorice

That’s right. The sixth most popular choice of vapes from one of the UK’s biggest vaping brands is liquorice. We’re just as surprised as you are.

A controversial choice? Definitely. But it’s one that’s well worth trying if you’re after an allsorts fix but don’t want to worry about the sugar or the calories. (Also, did you know too much liquorice candy is bad for your heart? It can send your blood pressure skyrocketing.)

Available in 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg & shortfill (coming soon!)


5: Raspberry Ripple

88vape raspberry ripple

Another sweet fruit juice on our list. Looks like fruity ingredients are definitely popular!

And it’s easy to see why, because Raspberry Ripple is more than just fruit.

It’s the taste of a childhood trip to the beach, a creamy vanilla ice cream with lashings of sweet, red sauce.

Available in 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg & 18mg.


4: Menthol

88vape menthol

The first mint juice on our top ten list is another example of why adding lots of flavours doesn’t always result in the very best vape.

Menthol is simple. It’s just menthol. Nothing added. Just menthol flavourings, optional nicotine, and a blend of PG and VG.

This vape juice has always been popular, but when menthol cigarettes were banned, even more health conscious consumers decided to try vaping, and lots of them settled on this classic taste.

 Available in 11mg, 16mg & 20mg.


3: 88Fusion

88vape 88fusion

Everything we said about simplicity for our number four choice? It doesn’t always apply.

Because 88Fusion is one of our most complex blends of juice flavours. It’s got a base mix of green and red fruit and berry - grape, strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant. It’s got a hint of aniseed spice and our trusty menthol.

And it’s consistently one of our very best selling vape juices for a very good reason. It's packed with flavour and tastes great. It's a juice that is one of our 'berry' best and definitely one to try!

Available in 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg, 18mg & shortfill.


2: Rolling Leaf

88vape rolling leaf tobacco

Smoking is bad for you. It’s bad for your heart, it’s bad for your immune system, it’s bad for your lungs. There is nothing good about it. Smoking tobacco is just plain bad.

But vaping tobacco flavoured juices? That’s far less harmful - based on what the NHS and the British Heart Foundation say. So when smokers switch to vaping, they look for toasted tobacco flavours. They find Rolling Leaf. And they don’t look back.

Available in 1mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg & 16mg.


1: Menthol Chill

88vape menthol chill

How does that song go? What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

And it’s no wonder Menthol Chill tops our best sellers chart. It’s got menthol, and it’s also got a touch of peppermint. What’s created is a flavour blend that has the deep chill of our menthol vape juice and a fresh flavour of our mint e liquids. Truly the very best of both worlds!

Available in 1mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg & shortfill.

So there you have it.

You asked us what’s the best e liquid vapor flavor in the UK, and we have a winner.

If you want to try the very best, then look no further.

The Best E Liquid on the Market is 88Vape Menthol Chill.

Why not treat yourself to a bottle or two today?

Just like every single bottle of e juice we mix, it’s been made by experts in our clean, safe, highly professional vape labs. It’s been tested using the very best quality control equipment. And it comes highly recommended by tens of thousands of vapers from all over the UK. It’s fresh, it’s cool, it’s tasty, and it’s sugar free.

But don’t limit yourself to just one flavour. Our online vape store contains hundreds of different e liquid flavours and strengths on offer - fruit, drinks, tobacco, menthol, desserts and sweets - what more choice do you need?

Take your time, and sample anything you like the look of. At just £1 per bottle of e liquid, you won’t break the bank finding your new favourite e juice.

And even better, when you buy from 88Vape, spending more than £15 on your next batch of e juice means that delivery anywhere in the UK is absolutely free.

What better place to continue your search for the best e liquids in the UK than one of the nations most trusted and favourite vape brands!

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