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What Your Vape Flavour Says About You

What Your Vape Flavour Says About You

Every vaper has a flavour that enhances their experience and keeps them coming back for more. That got us thinking that there must be personalities that match up to flavours. Here’s what we think your vape flavour says about you!

Fruity: The people person

You are never a stranger in the room because you’re happy to talk to anyone. There’s nothing you like more than socialising in a big group of people, learning about all of their lives. Fruity flavours are your favourite because they’re sweet, agreeable and moreish - just like you! If you’re looking to explore some more fruity flavours, why not try our Honeymelon or our Strawberry, Kiwi & Watermelon shortfills!

Aniseed: The thrill-seeker

You’re not happy with the simple things in life - you need something to keep you on your toes and keep your taste buds tingling. If there’s anything a little bit risky, you’re up for giving it a go. Aniseed can take an e-liquid flavour to the next level, which is great for you because you’re always looking for that little bit extra! Why not give our 88Fusion or 88 Fusion Red Shorftill flavours a go - we dare you!

Tobacco blends: The loveable grump 

You pretend to have a heart of stone when really you’re a big softie. All the dry sarcastic jokes you make really come from a place of love and respect. Tobacco e-liquids are perfect for you because they’re the perfect mix of old school and new school - just like you! If you’re looking for a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid that works great with any tank, take a look at our 88Vape tobacco flavour range.

Menthol: The cool customer

You’re as cool as a cucumber - nothing really phases you. You like nothing better than a good stare-down-competition, which obviously you will always win. Menthol flavours are the best for you because they keep you topped up on your coolness! If you want menthol e-liquids that are packed full of icy flavour, give our Heisen Freeze or Menthol chill a go! 

Fizzy drinks: The crazy one

You can’t help the slightly crazy vibe that you give off - it’s who you are and you’re happy to let everyone know it! You’re the sort of person that can’t sit still in their seat, you’ve got energy to spare - sometimes this is too much for other people but you don’t care, you’re too busy being you! Fizzy drink flavours match up to your vigorous bubbly vibe. Our Green Fruity Fizz and Cola Pop e-liquids are perfect for you!

Whether you’re cool-hand Luke, a frantic whirlwind, a true adventurer, a people’s person or just a plain old grump, there’s definitely an e-liquid flavour that will match your personality. To find a vape juice that speaks to you, take a look at our entire 88Vape range, we’ve got around 80 flavours to choose from! 

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