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What to Expect When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping?

What to Expect When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping?

One of the biggest challenges anyone has to face is giving up an addictive substance. While most consider drugs the worst type of addiction, smokers often have to work a lot harder to stay away from cigarettes.

Quitting smoking is so complex because cigarettes are everywhere. You can walk into the local shop and buy tobacco, so it's only natural to struggle when you decide to give it up for good.

The traditional ways to give up smoking include using nicotine patches, lozenges and inhalers - which offer some benefits. Still, most people find they don't replicate the act of smoking a cigarette.

In the past few years, vaping has become one of the more popular methods to give up smoking because it's the closest thing to smoking a cigarette.

Vape devices heat a liquid-based nicotine oil, which creates vapour when you exhale. As it only uses heat and liquid, vaping is safer than smoking because there's no carbon monoxide, tar and fewer chemicals.

The Quitting Smoking Timeline

To understand why transitioning from smoking to vaping is so beneficial, you should learn what happens to your body when you make the switch. While some might believe that gradually cutting down on cigarettes is better, e-liquid can completely replace smoking because you can choose a bottle with high nicotine content.

The First Effects

It might surprise you to learn that your body will begin to heal as soon as you switch to vaping (New Scientist). As you're not inhaling toxic chemicals, you'll notice your blood oxygen levels rise within around eight hours.

As e-cigarettes don't use carbon monoxide, your body will immediately feel the benefits, and the residual carbon monoxide leaves your system in 24 hours.

When you switch to vaping, your body will adapt quickly, which is why you'll be able to breathe easier (literally), and within 72 hours, you might notice that certain foods taste stronger.

The 9 Month Mark

You'll start noticing the most significant improvements at the three-month mark because this is when your body can begin to repair itself properly.

Smoking causes long-term damage to your respiratory system and pollutes your body with chemicals, but they'll begin to leave your body after a few weeks of vaping properly.

In nine months, you'll stop coughing and wheezing - but you'll also notice you're able to exercise more frequently, without getting out of breath.

Five Years Smoke Free

As you continue to vape, your risk of a heart attack will decrease by 50%. Of course, it's essential to understand that smoking has long-term effects on your health, but you will continue to notice the changes as the years go on.

Ten Years Smoke Free

When ten years pass, you'll feel the full benefits of life without tobacco. Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens, which contribute to cancer - but vaping is a safer alternative. If you manage to stay away from traditional cigarettes for ten years, your lung cancer risk decreases by 50%, which means you can look forward to the future without worrying.

Are There Any Side Effects of Quitting Smoking?

When you stop smoking and switch to the electronic cigarette, you're making a positive change in your life - but there will be some initial side effects. Smoking regular tobacco cigarettes expose your body to a host of chemicals and harmful substances, so it will take some time before you start to recognise the positive changes.

Smokers Cough

One of the most common side effects is smokers cough, and it happens when your body begins to repair itself. When you stop smoking cigarettes, your lungs finally have the opportunity to clear the harmful chemicals from your respiratory system, which causes coughing fits.

Some people might suffer from a cough for a few days, while others can experience symptoms for weeks. It depends on how long you were a smoker, how many cigarettes you smoked each day, and whether you have asthma or other breathing conditions.


If you go from smoking to vaping electronic cigarettes, you won't need to worry about nicotine withdrawal, as you'll get everything you need from your e-liquid. However, your body has been deprived of oxygen for a long time, so when the carbon monoxide decreases, it can make you feel dizzy.

Most people find that the symptoms subside after a couple of days, and you should look at it as a positive thing because it shows your brain is receiving more oxygen.

The Lifestyle Changes You'll Experience When Switching From Tobacco Cigarettes.

When most people switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, they might notice changes in their physical health, but vaping also improves their lifestyle and emotional wellbeing.

Let's take a look at them now.

You'll Spend Less Money

It's no secret that cigarettes are expensive, and the price continues to rise. Today, the average pack of 20 cigarettes costs around £12, and most smokers have ten cigarettes a day. When you quit smoking, you'll immediately notice how much money you save.

For example, once you purchase the vape device, you'll only need to worry about coils and liquids for your e-cigarette. The average pack of coils costs £10 or less, and each coil lasts for around two weeks - which means you'll spend about £10 a month on coils.

Some e-liquid brands charge as little as £1 for a bottle of high-quality vape juice, so you can save a lot of money when you quit smoking and put those savings towards treats.

You'll Want to Do More

Many former smokers notice they have so much more energy when they quit. Harmful smoke can make people more sluggish - especially when it comes to exercise. As your body begins to repair itself, you'll have more energy and be able to stay active.

As soon as your body begins removing toxic debris, you'll be able to walk further and enjoy sporting activities, so if you want to be more active, leaving the regular cigarettes behind is just what you need.

People Will Spend More Time With You

It's no secret that many people hate smoking. It sticks to your clothes and makes your breath smell, so many people will avoid smokers because they hate the odour. Second-hand smoke is also known to be dangerous, and health-conscious people steer clear from spending time with smokers.

So, when you switch from smoking to vaping, you'll notice that people will want to spend more time with you.

Your Appearance Will Improve

Many people fear quitting smoking because of the potential weight gain, but vaping means, you can still get your nicotine hit and avoid bingeing on food. As your body adapts to vaping, you'll see an increase in energy levels which means you can tone up and lose weight.

Your breath will also improve, and a lot of people also notice that the ageing process slows. Overall, quitting smoking improves your appearance, which will boost your confidence too.

Are You Ready to Leave The Cigarette Smoke Behind?

There are many benefits of quitting tobacco cigarettes, including reducing your risk of lung cancer, heart disease and experiencing a better lifestyle. If you're worried about making the switch, it's understandable because smoking has been a significant part of your life.

Switching to e-cigs enables you to replicate the smoking experience in a way that other nicotine replacement products cannot, which is why vaping is so popular.

Before making the transition, it's crucial to understand how to make it as smooth as possible.

Are E-Cigarettes Right For Me?

Electronic cigarettes is an umbrella term for a range of vape devices that have different power levels and modification features. For example, a vape pen is perfect for beginners, while a pod kit provides convenience, as you can use refillable cartridges instead of e-liquid bottles.

For more experienced vapers, mod kits offer more flexibility and customisation features. This includes the ability to configure the wattage power and airflow.

Which Nicotine Level Should I Choose?

Vaping is one of the most effective forms of nicotine replacement therapy, and there are plenty of options available in terms of flavour. However, it's essential that you don't replace your smoking habit with too much nicotine, which some people accidentally do when they begin vaping.

For example, if you're a moderate smoker, it's best to go for a 12mg nicotine-containing e-liquid when you start vaping, but heavy smokers should choose 18mg or over. Too much nicotine can make you dizzy and shake, so it's best to stick to what you know.

Commit Completely to Starting Vaping

A significant benefit of vape kits is how they replicate the smoking experience, but we find our customers are most successful when they commit fully to vaping. There's no point in switching between the two because the goal is for your body to begin repairing itself.

This won't happen if you're switching between smoking and vaping, so we recommend that you make a smooth transition.

The Bottom Line

The days of cigarette withdrawals can be way behind you, especially if you decide to switch from smoking to vaping. It's got so many benefits, and you'll notice your health improve immediately. Not only does vaping replicate the cigarette experience, but e-liquid gives you the characteristic nicotine throat hit.

If you'd like to start immediately, we have a range of cost-effective starter vape kits, which are ideal if you want a high-quality device without the extra costs.

Once your lungs begin to repair themselves and your oxygen goes back to normal levels, you'll be able to enjoy a better lifestyle, so make the change and switch to vaping today.

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