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Tips On How to Stop Smoking

Tips On How to Stop Smoking

Ask any ex-smoker how difficult it was to give up tobacco, and they'll tell you it was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and the hand to mouth action of smoking a pipe or cigarette means that it's challenging to quit smoking and stay away from tobacco.

There are many reasons why it's essential to find healthier alternatives to smoking, including its impact on both your health and appearance.

In this post, we'll reveal some of our top tips for quitting smoking. If this is your first time trying to stop, or the second, third, or fourth, these helpful tips will make a significant difference.

Why Quitting Smoking is Important

According to the American Cancer Society, smoking causes around 20% of cancers in the USA, showing some severe health implications involved. Nicotine addiction isn't the real problem, though; it's more about the tar, carbon monoxide and chemicals you breathe in with each draw of your cigarette.

Smoking triggers lung cancer and oral cancer, so it's vital to stop if you want to reduce the risks of becoming unwell.

It Has a Strong Link to Cancer and Heart Disease

Both cancer and heart disease are two of the leading causes of death in the western world, and many factors contribute to their occurrences.

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of cancer and heart disease because the chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide that go into your body can have potentially fatal consequences.

By quitting smoking, you can reduce the risk of getting cancer or heart problems and give your organs a chance to heal properly.

It Changes Your Appearance

One of the most significant drawbacks of smoking is how it changes your appearance over time. Most regular smokers age quicker than non-smokers, and it's common to notice lines around your mouth, which makes you look older than your years.

You'll also notice your face becomes gaunt, and you'll have yellow stained teeth. Some people think chewing tobacco is safer because it's not linked to lung cancer, but it can cause long term damage to your teeth and health implications such as mouth cancer.

It Impacts Your Social Life

If you have friends that are non-smokers, some might not want to spend time with you because your clothes and breath smell. Some people also find their romantic options are limited because online dating platforms let users specify whether they'd date a smoker.

Even worse, the average pack of cigarettes now costs around £12 in the UK, which means heavy smokers will rarely have the money they need to enjoy new activities.

How to Quit Smoking and Win

If you're sick of smoking but don't know how to stop, we have many tips to make things easier. By following these techniques, you could be smoke-free in a few months - and stay that way.

Prepare Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes people make is quitting smoking but never putting enough effort into leaving cigarettes behind. You need to make sure your mind is in the right place, and you're mentally ready to make an effort to quit for good.

Make a list of why you smoke and the reasons you want to quit for good, and evaluate whether or not you're in a good enough place to leave cigarettes behind.

Try Some Deep Breathing Exercises

Just one cigarette..then I'll go back to cold turkey quitting. Many smokers say that while their intentions are good, that deprive and reward state of mind can relieve stress in the short-term, but it won't help with your recovery.

Mindfulness is an excellent technique to use because it keeps you in the present and on one specific thing. If you're finding that stress is getting you down and all you want to do is reach for a cigarette, trying some simple breathing techniques can help.

Getting started with breathing techniques is easy, and this beginners guide will help you reduce your cravings and deal with stressful situations more effectively.

Set Your Date

If you're having a hard time or have an important project at work coming up, it's best to wait until you're in the right place to quit smoking. One of the biggest reasons people fail is a lack of willpower, so preparing to quit means you can avoid a smoking relapse.

Think about when a good time will be and set the date, so you know that's when you'll quit. It could be when you have a week off work to deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms better.

Switch Up Your Drink

Believe it or not, certain drinks can worsen your smoking habits because they improve the taste of your cigarette. Cola, coffee and tea go well with a cigarette, which is why so many people smoke more when they go for coffee or to the pub.

If you want to avoid smoking, try drinks that will decrease your need to light up. It's best to drink water or fruit juices, and alcoholic beverages such as vodka and tomato juice are better than beer or wine to reduce your tobacco cravings.

Eat Healthily

Junk food and cigarettes are a match made in heaven, especially when it comes to greasy burgers and fries. The first thing most smokers do is reach for a cigarette when they finish their meal, but if you eat healthily, you can avoid this and reduce the urge to smoke.

Try filling your place with healthy vegetables and leaner proteins. Cheese is also an excellent way to enjoy a filling meal without the negative consequences.

Keep Busy

Sometimes, a ten-minute walk can make a big difference to your mental state, which increases your will to avoid smoking. According to a study published by Medical News Today, exercise is the best way to quit any harmful substances because it naturally releases endorphins known as the happiness hormone.

Try to stick to a routine for a few weeks, and you'll notice you're healthier and far more likely to remain smoke-free.

Replace Cigarettes With Chewing Gum

When people get into a routine, they don't like breaking it. If cigarettes are a vital element of your daily routine, you should replace them with something else. For example, if you have a cigarette after a meal, you could chew gum for 15 minutes or enjoy a hard candy.

Join a Support Group

Quitting smoking is a difficult task, and it's so easy to fall off the wagon. Once you have that last cigarette, you should focus on staying away from them and filling your life with other things. It's always beneficial to seek support from like-minded people who know what you're going through.

Whether it's a local stop smoking group or an online forum, seeking support from others can make it easier to manage cravings and stick to your quit plan.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

The free smoking cessation service is accessible through your GP surgery, and there are plenty of NHS funded options for stopping smoking. Some popular options include nicotine inhalers, nasal spray, lozenges, patches and nicotine gum.

While some people find these devices helpful, others soon start smoking again because the nicotine replacement therapy doesn't replicate cigarettes' taste and hand to mouth action.

Try Vaping

If professional medical advice and prescription medications aren't working for you, it's worth looking into electric cigarettes as an effective alternative. Stopping smoking is difficult, but vaping is ideal for your needs because it heats your e-liquid, which creates a vapour.

When you inhale and exhale the vapour, it replicates smoking. Better still, there are no chemicals so that you can enjoy a nicotine hit without the added tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances.

There's also a vast selection of flavoured vape juices to choose between, including tobacco, sweet, fruit, menthol and dessert flavours.

Many people notice that the taste of e-liquids is much better than cigarettes because they have none of the chemicals to impact the experience.

The Takeaway

Trying to quit smoking is similar to removing any addictive drug from your life, but many people find it's challenging to stay away from cigarettes. If someone has a heroin addiction, they'll find it easier to remain in recovery because they have to go out and find heroin.

But cigarettes are highly accessible, which makes it harder to stay away from them. It's the same with prescription drug and alcohol dependence, so we recommend you weigh up your priorities and decide to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

It might take several attempts to give up smoking successfully, but the health benefits are worth it in the end. If you want to ease withdrawal symptoms and nicotine replacement solutions such as nasal sprays and patches aren't working, vaping is the perfect alternative.

Whether you prefer fruity, mint or tobacco flavours, we have a massive selection of vape juices on offer and provide free delivery on orders over £15.

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