Our tips to reach 0mg nicotine

If you are like most vapers and got into vaping as a way to stop smoking, then you are probably wanting to go nicotine-free at some point. However, this is easier said than done. Here are our tips to help you on your journey to 0mg nicotine.

Start on the right strength

Starting yourself on the right strength is crucial to eventually being nicotine-free - too high and it will be more difficult to reduce your going forward, too low and you’ll always be craving a bigger hit. Here’s our guide to choosing the right amount of nicotine from the get-go:

Zero: 0mg – not an ex-smoker (vaper)
Low: 6mg and below – Half a pack a day or less (light/social smokers)
Medium: 6mg and 11mg – Half a pack to one pack a day (average smokers)
High: 16mg to 20mg – Two packs a day or more (heavy chain smokers)

Get the right device

Vape pens offer a completely different nicotine delivery to more advanced vape mods, which heat e-liquid more efficiently and increase the potency of nicotine’s effect. If you were to use an 11mg e-liquid in a vape pen and then use the same e-liquid in a mod tank, for example, this difference would be obvious. We recommend that ex-chain smokers start off vape pen with an eye to moving on to a more intermediate mod if satisfying your cravings starts to plateau. If you adjust your device along the way, it’s important to remember to adjust your nicotine strength too.

Commit to goals

Reducing your nicotine levels is hard and it’s all too easy to keep putting it off. The best way to make sure you stick to reducing your nicotine is to set goals and commit to them. We recommend moving down a nicotine level gradually every few months or when you feel comfortable - use your higher strength e-liquid for the first two weeks of the month, then use a mixture of your higher strength and your lower strength for a week and finally make the complete transition in the final week of the month. It can be good to reward yourself on the end date to enforce the fact that you’ve made it - think takeaways, clothes or gaming accessories.

Choose shortfills

Shortfills are a great choice if you’re trying to lower your nicotine strength. They come in 60ml bottles and are completely nicotine-free. You can then create your own strength by adding a number of nicotine shots to the mix. This allows you to gradually work your way down in strength - even in 1mg steps - which can make the journey to 0mg nicotine a lot easier to manage.

Coming off nicotine is a hard task for any vaper but the most important thing to remember is that you really can do it. Take on some of our tips to help you and we’re sure you’ll be able to make it to nicotine-free a lot faster than you would have thought.
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