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Cheap vs Expensive Eliquids – What’s the Difference?

Cheap vs Expensive Eliquids – What’s the Difference?

There is such a thing as “too good to be true.” That’s just common sense. When you’re buying a product, you might worry about the price tag being too low. After all, who knows what corners have been cut to knock a few pounds off the price of a product?

Here at 88Vape, we’re all about value. We offer some of the most affordable e liquids on the market, and we know that some people might be concerned about the quality. So we need to be open, honest, and explain what the difference is between a cheap eliquid and an expensive eliquid.

In this blog post, we’ll be putting it all to the test. In one corner, 88Vape’s very own £1 eliquid range. And in the other, a range of eliquids from a competitor that we won’t name.

So let’s ask. Cheap vs expensive eliquids. What’s the difference?

The Ingredients

Let’s start with the most important consideration. The ingredients used. This is where you’d expect a cheaper brand to cut corners, with cheap fillers to bulk out the vape liquids.

Here’s the ingredients list for a £1 bottle of strawberry eliquid from 88Vape:


And now the ingredients for a popular strawberry eliquid from a competitor:


All liquids have to pass the same quality tests, so you’re always going to see safe, tested ingredients.

Ingredient Verdict –Same

The Labels

You’ve got us. We’re quite reserved on our labels. It’s just a plain label with safety information, a picture of what the liquid’s flavour is, and our name.

Compare that to the expensive competitors. They’ve got all sorts of graphic design going on. Cartoon mascots, intense fonts, all sorts of weird colours. Some of them even have really exciting typography. We say exciting, but who’s really excited by typography.

No, we have to admit, when it comes to labels, we’re really not in the same league.

Label Verdict - Different

The Manufacturing

Our eliquids are made in the UK.

Their liquids are made in the UK.

Our liquids use the highest quality ingredients.

Their liquids use the highest quality ingredients.

We have an in-house chemist to perform all the required safety checks.

We hope they’d have an in-house chemist to perform all the required safety checks.

We bottle tens of thousands of liquids a day so we can oversee purity and safety.

Maybe they do the same?

We’ve not visited every manufacturer in the UK, but we’ll be generous here and say that we hope all of our competitors have the same commitment to quality and safety that we have. Because if they don’t, what are you paying for?

Manufacturing Verdict - Same

Similarity – The Variety

OK, well maybe 88Vape’s eliquids are "cheap" because we make one or two flavours in bulk. Not like those other manufacturers with dozens and dozens of varieties, including exciting blends to try.


We’ve got over 70 flavours and varieties. Different flavours? Check. Short fills? Check. Nic Salts? We do now!

Higher prices don’t mean wider ranges of flavours, so that’s another similarity for the list!

Variety Verdict - Same

Difference – The Price

Finally, another difference. Let’s do a compare and contrast between our liquids and those we’ve found on an eliquid retailer’s site.

PG Eliquids
88Vape - £1.00 per bottle
Competitor X - £3.99 per bottle

VG Eliquids
88Vape - £3.00 for a pack of three
Competitor X - £9.99 for a pack of three

Nic Salts
88Vape - £1.00 per bottle
Competitor X - £9.99 for three

Short Fills
88Vape - £4.00 per bottle (+£1.00 per nic shot)
Competitor X - £11.99 (nic shots sold separately)

Yes. There’s a difference on price. Of course there is. Ours is better.

Price Verdict - Different

So What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Eliquid?

We can’t speak for every eliquid manufacturer on the market, and we’re sure some vape companies do cut corners here and there. But when it comes to 88Vape’s product range and our more expensive competitors, there really are only two differences.

The label, and the price.

So if there’s no other difference, the real question is this. Why pay more?
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