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88Vape e-liquid ranges explained

88Vape e-liquid ranges explained

88Vape started with a simple mission: to make vaping affordable for people that wanted to quit smoking. We’ve come a long way since then and expanded on our e-liquid range to include a number of variations to suit all kinds of vapers. Here are our 88Vape ranges explained:

Our £1 E-Liquids

Perfect for: Smokers looking to quit/ People that want flavourful and affordable e-liquids

This is our original flagship range that made vaping easy and affordable for millions of people. With over 34 flavours, 6 nicotine strengths and 2 ratio mixes available there’s something to suit all preferences.

This collection has flavours ranging from rolling leaf tobacco (ideal for smokers that want to keep a tobacco without the obvious negatives of smoking) to bubblegum that is great for daredevils looking for something truly different.

Our one pound e-liquids are also split into two ratios:

PG 70% e-liquid is great for people that like a more intense throat hit and higher nicotine strengths. This ratio is suitable for coils of between 1.2ohm to 2.0ohm.

50/50 e-liquid has a slightly thicker consistency and a less intense throat hit but produces more vapour. It can be used in pretty much any vape device.

Shortfill E-Liquids

Perfect for: Hobbyists/Vapers that want to cut down on nicotine

This collection is perfect for vapers that are looking to get big flavour and big clouds of vapour for lower prices. Our shortfill bottles have a 60ml capacity, which contain 50ml of nicotine-free, VG-high e-liquid.

You can vape these e-liquids on their own or you can also add a nicotine shot to create a low-nicotine e-liquid mix.

VG E-Liquids

Perfect for: Sub-ohm vapers who want pre-mixed nicotine

Our ‘sub-ohm’ range is our original high VG e-liquid. Each pack has 3 x 10ml bottles of 80% VG vape juice containing 3mg of nicotine.

These handy bottles are ideal for those who want a ‘ready-to-go’ nicotine containing sub-ohm e-liquid for big clouds and big flavours.

Nicotine Salts

Perfect for: Heavy smokers that need to quit/ People that found e-liquids didn’t work for them

Our newest collection contains a select range of nic salt e-liquids that have a high nicotine strength. The products in this range are made with nicotine salts rather than freebase nicotine as most e-liquids are, this means two things:
  • You get a quicker delivery of nicotine
  • You get a higher nicotine strength with a smoother throat hit

Nic salts are generally more popular with smokers that found regular e-liquids unsatisfying.

Our 88Vape ranges provide a number of options for vapers and people that are looking to quit smoking. However, all three ranges give bold flavours and great affordability. We have stayed true to our original mission to provide an e-liquid option for anyone that wants to give up cigarettes for good.

If you feel too spoiled for choice, head over to our post where we look at our best vape juice flavours.

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