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What do Eliquid Expiration Dates Mean?

What do Eliquid Expiration Dates Mean?

What do E Liquid Expiration Dates Mean?

Here at 88Vape, we’re the home of the £1 eliquid. So it’s safe to say that we know a bargain when we see one. But we also know that sometimes, cheap really does mean nasty. In the past we’ve looked at why cheap eliquids from outside of the UK aren’t the bargain that they appear to be. But in this blog post, we’re going to look at a potential way of saving money that won’t put you at risk.

We’re going to look at what happens when an eliquid goes past its expiration date to see whether or not special offers on short-dated vape juices are worth you spending your money on.

So let’s start with the burning question.

Is Out of Date E Liquid Safe?


We manufacture millions of bottles of eliquids, and not all of them get sold. So we’re able to see what happens to an out of date eliquid and test it to see if it’s safe.

The answer is yes.

Does E Liquid Go Off?

There’s nothing in an eliquid that goes “off.” Later in the blog, we’ll explain just what does happen as your vape liquids age, but for now we’d like to assure you that after carrying out loads of tests, nothing in eliquids rots, goes rancid, or breaks down into harmful byproducts.

Phew, we can stop worrying now.

So Why Does E Liquid "Expire"?

Ever looked at the label on a bottle of mineral water?

You should. It’s hilarious. They’ll tell you that:

“This spring water has spent tens of thousands of years bubbling through volcanic rock, where it emerges into a clear spring at the top of the peak of the highest mountain, where it freezes for centuries, before melting and spending weeks flowing down the babbling brooks where it was bottled for you.”

Best before end, April 2021.

Hang on? This water’s been bubbling and freezing and thawing and flowing since before the pyramids were built, and we’re expected to believe it goes off in 11 months’ time? It’s water!

Well, if it’s going to be sold to you as a consumable product, it needs an expiry date. Doesn’t matter if it’s water, doesn’t matter if it’s milk, doesn’t matter if it’s an eliquid.

It’s the law.

What Happens To Out of Date Vape Juice?

OK, just because eliquids don’t go off doesn’t mean nothing happens as they age. Much like with water, leaving eliquids standing in a bottle for years – especially if it’s in direct sunlight – will affect the flavour and the appearance.

What this means for your eliquids, is that the colours will change. Maybe they’ll fade. Maybe they’ll become cloudy. In extreme cases, the flavourings might separate and settle (a quick shake will fix that).

And the flavour will start to fade too. An out of date eliquid won’t do you any harm, but if you leave it long enough it’ll taste really stale.

This doesn’t happen overnight. If you keep eliquids in a cool, dry spot like a drawer, a cupboard, or an enclosed warehouse, they’ll be fine for months, even years.

So unless you’ve found a dusty five year old bottle of juice, it’ll probably be good enough to vape. Which means finding cheap eliquids that are close to, or just beyond their expiration date can be an absolute bargain for canny shoppers.

Where to Look for an Eliquid Bargain

If you keep an eye out in your local eliquid stockist, you’ll often see bottles pop up in the reduced to clear section. So next time you’re doing your shop, keep an eye out for a real bargain.

And sometimes we’ll put a few bottles that are close to their expiry date up for sale on our website at a discounted price. If you’re planning on vaping them straight away and not leaving them on a sunny windowsill for six months, you’ll be able to save some money without affecting your enjoyment.

Happy bargain hunting!

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