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TPD Compliance

TPD Compliance

Tobacco Products Directive: Being TPD compliant

The sale and manufacture of e-cigarettes and vaping equipment is strictly monitored by the EU and UK markets. With a strict set of rules in place, known as TPD, all nicotine containing vaping products must be compliant before they are placed on sale within the EU or UK.

What is the purpose of TPD?

TPD has several aims, the most prominent include the prevention of the unsolicited sale and trade of e-cig products. Safeguarding consumers by ensuring all e-cig equipment meets safety standards and to ensure that young people are protected from certain ingredients or advertising that may encourage them to take up smoking/vaping. Relevant information should also be available to customers so they can make informed choices.

What restrictions are in place?

As of 2017, TPD introduced new requirements that ensure e-cigarettes and refill containers are compliant. The following guidelines are in place to protect consumers and ensure product safety.

  • Nicotine strength: A maximum strength of 20mg/ml is permitted
  • Labelling: All vaping and e-cig liquids and equipment must include the latest labelling and warning information
  • Prohibition of certain ingredients: Certain ingredients are not permitted and are banned within e-cig products including colourings, caffeine and taurine
  • Packaging compliance: All packaging must be both tamper/childproof as well as tamper-evident
  • E-cig tank capacity: A capacity of no more than 2ml can be permitted
  • Nicotine volume: The maximum nicotine volume of an e-liquid within one refill container must not exceed more than 10ml
  • MHRA registration: Before any vaping products can be sold, they must be registered with the MHRA

How does it affect retailers?

All retailers should check that the vape products they want to sell are registered with the MHRA and registered within the country the customer is based in (if selling products online). Retailers should only sell nicotine containing products that are TPD compliant and they can find the relevant information on the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency website (MHRA).
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