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The Vaping Market

The Vaping Market

Electronic Cigarettes are now one of the largest global markets worth an astounding £1.8 billion. Since they were introduced to the UK in 2006, the vaping market has grown at such a formidable rate that it is now valued at £193 million. This is predicted to expand by 40% annually in future years.

Electronic cigarettes were initially designed to look and feel like cigarettes denoted as ‘cigalikes.’ The market has moved away from this replication of cigarette design turning to Vapourizer products and e-liquids. These have gained increasing favour given that they can save you money; offer more variety and a longer battery life. 88Vape products strive to satisfy this market at incomparable prices.

Vaping delivers freedom and flexibility to an increasing number of people. In the UK alone, 2.1 million people have switched from traditional smoking to vaping, which equates to 20% of the 10 million smokers in the UK. Statistics support this rise in popularity by recording that 52% of smokers in 2014 have tried vaping compared to the 9witnessed in 2010.

The UK vaping market is built up of current smokers and ex-smokers. This is because the vapour produced simulates that of a cigarette. Yet, at the same time, removes odour, tar and tobacco. Please note that 88Vape products have not been designed to be a Nicotine Replacement Therapy but rather a viable alternative to those wishing to switch from regular cigarettes to vaping at a competitive price.

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