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Ten practical tips to enjoy your vaping experience

Ten practical tips to enjoy your vaping experience

When you first start vaping, it can feel like something is missing. This is quite normal - anything new takes time to get into - however, there are some fairly routine changes that make a big difference. Here are some practical tips to enjoy your vaping experience.

Find your flavours

Often vapers will try a handful of flavours, find one that they like and stick to it. This is fine but it does mean that you’re missing out on a whole world of flavours that you haven’t experience yet. 88Vape has over 50 flavours for you to try and it’s inevitable that there will be more than one flavour that rocks your boat.

Know your PG from your VG

Getting the mix of your e-liquid right can take your vaping experience to a whole new level and this comes down to understanding the difference between PG and VG. Here’s a breakdown:
- PG is usually the preferred choice for people that are switching from cigarettes as it provides a big throat hit which simulates the feeling of smoking. It also holds more flavour.
- VG is a good choice for vaping hobbyists that like a sweeter sensation, creating big clouds of vapour and don’t mind losing some throat hit and flavour.

Strength is key

Once you know what kind of mix you like, you need to discover your perfect nicotine strength - start off too low and you won’t see the point of vaping, too high and you will find the experience overwhelming. Here are our recommendations:

Heavy ex-smokers (a pack or more a day) - 18-20mg nic salts have a more efficient delivery of nicotine. Alternatively, you can opt for a 16mg - 20mg e-liquid.

Moderate ex-smokers (half a pack a day) - You could go for a 12mg nic salt or an 11-16mg e-liquid.

Light ex-smokers - We recommend a 1mg-6mg e-liquid and seeing how you find it. Anything more might be overwhelming.

Novice vapers - Anyone that is vaping from curiosity rather than a quitting standpoint should use a 0mg shortfill. We do not recommend adding nicotine if you weren't a smoker previously.

Turn the lights down

If you’ve ever found that your e-liquid has magically lost its taste and strength, you’ve probably left it out in direct sunlight for too long. Exposure to light causes the ingredients in e-liquid to break down from oxidisation. Make sure that you keep your e-liquids in a dark cupboard at home and keep the ones you carry around with you in a bag or pocket.

Keep it clean

This tip often gets overlooked but cleaning your vape device is key to enjoying your experience. When there is leftover e-liquid or residue in your tank, it won’t operate as efficiently and the flavour of your e-liquid will be impacted. We recommend cleaning your device twice a week to keep it in tip-top condition.

Watch out for vaper’s tongue

Everyone has their favourite e-liquid but sticking to it for a prolonged period could shut off your sense of taste completely. It sounds very serious but vaper’s tongue is when your taste buds get too used to the flavour of your e-liquid and become desensitized. It only lasts for a few days, but making sure that you stay hydrated and switching your flavours up will ensure that you avoid it altogether.

Get yourself a carry case

Fumbling re-fills. Sticky fingers. Lost e-liquid bottles. All of these things can make vaping feel like a real hassle. The solution? Buy yourself a carry case - you can keep everything in one place and have a convenient surface to top up your tank - simple.

Work on your inhale

Inhaling vapour and inhaling smoke is different - whilst a short and sharp inhale works on a cigarette, vaping requires a slightly longer inhale to maximise its effectiveness. Working on your inhale can make a world of difference to your experience.

Know your settings

Vape devices are serious bits of kit and knowing how to maximise their full functionality is key. Start your wattage and temperature settings low and working your way up gradually will help you find the sweet spot of vapour production and flavour.

Stick with it

It’s all too easy to vape for a little while, say that you don’t like it and go back to smoking. Some of this comes down to addiction, some of it comes down to finding the right type of vaping for you, and the rest is perseverance. Vaping is believed to be 95% less harmful than smoking, so the effort is more than worth it.

If you’re just getting into vaping and you’ve still not got it right, we understand - there are lots of factors that come together to make vaping so enjoyable. Follow our ten practical tips or read our beginners guide to e-cigs and we’re sure you’ll have a much better experience in no time!
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