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Stub it Out: Our Six Tips For No Smoking Day

Stub it Out: Our Six Tips For No Smoking Day

Stub it Out: Our six tips for No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day is a great opportunity to start your smoke-free life. However, you’ll need some tactics to make sure you stay away from those pesky cigarettes. Here are our six tips to make sure you don’t smoke on No Smoking Day.

Spot cravings early 

From the pre-morning commute to the post-evening meal, everyone has their favourite times to smoke. Having a plan for these moments before No Smoking Day is more than a good idea. If you have a plan in place before you experience a craving on the day, you’re far less likely to give up and reach for a cigarette.

Have a mantra 

You’ve got a really good reason for quitting but it can be difficult to remember that when your cravings kick in. Our suggestion is to create a mantra to remind yourself of your reason on No Smoking Day. If you are quitting for your child, for example, pick a moment that you look forward to experiencing with them and repeat this to yourself when you get a craving - “Charlotte’s wedding day, Charlotte’s wedding day”.  

Invest in a vape 

It can be difficult to go cold turkey from nicotine, which is why most people end up going back to smoking. Investing in a vape is a great alternative option for people that think they need to gradually come off nicotine - almost 2 million Brits have given up smoking this way. Switch your cigarettes for a vape on No Smoking Day to see how it could help you quit for good. 

Have a substitute 

Anyone that’s tried to quit will tell you that there’s no substitute which suits everybody. Our recommendation is to try a number of them before No Smoking Day and select a few that work for you. Popular options include nicotine chewing gum, nicotine patches, hard-boiled sweets and deep breathing.

Get active

Exercise is a great way to keep nicotine cravings at bay. Research shows that even a 5-minute walk or stretching routine can help to produce chemicals that curb even the strongest cravings. Why not get up early and go for a walk to start the day or take five-minute stretches from your desk to reduce your chances of giving into cigarettes.

Vision your reward

A day without a cigarette for a smoker can seem like a very long time. To keep yourself going through No Smoking Day, pick yourself a treat to have at the end of the day - not a cigarette though, obviously! Then vision having that reward every time you have a craving. Here are some ideas: a takeaway, a new video game, a pair of shoes, a long hot bath, a trip to the cinema - anything you fancy!

No Smoking Day is a great chance for you to stop all the excuses and stub out the cigarettes - hopefully, for good. Try our six tips and we’re sure you’ll find that you can do it. Good luck.

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