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How Do You Use a Short Fill Eliquid?

How Do You Use a Short Fill Eliquid?

Vapers in the know are big fans of the 88Vape short fill range – but if you’ve never heard of short fill vape juice (also called shake ‘n’ vape in the USA), you might be confused about why we’re selling large bottles of nicotine free eliquids with space in the bottle. Well you won’t need to be confused any more, because we’ll explain how you use a short fill eliquid bottle in this guide.

But first, we’ll explain what a short fill bottle is.

What is a Short Fill Eliquid?

The name gives it away here. It’s a larger bottle of vape juice that’s filled short of the top!

The current 88Vape short fill eliquid range includes over 30 fantastic flavours of vape juice, all containing a 75/25 or 70/30 ratio of VG to PG – meaning they’re made for cloud chasers, box mods and sub ohm vaping. These are liquids you need to use with a vape kit like the 50w mod pen, as they’re too thick for a standard vape pen.

But what you’ll notice about our shortfills is that they’re all nicotine free.

That’s where the space in the bottle comes in.

Each short filled eliquid bottle has just enough space for you to pour in the contents of a standard sized bottle of e-liquid. Add one of our nic shots – which is an unflavoured high nicotine eliquid – and suddenly that nicotine free liquid is now the same strength of one of our standard vapes (we’ll explain which nicotine shot to use below).

OK, this seems like more effort than buying a standard £1 eliquid from our range. So why do so many vapers do it?

Why Were Short Fill Eliquids Invented?

Short fills were invented because of the TBD laws that stopped us selling vape liquid in bottles larger than 10ml. Lots of vapers were used to having 50ml bottles, and didn’t want to carry round five or more bottles at a time.

But TPD laws on bottle size don’t apply to nicotine free liquids, and they apply to us not you. So we sell you the large bottle that you want, and a 10ml bottle of nicotine eliquid, and you mix them together.

Everyone wins!

How Do You Mix a Short Fill?

It’s simple enough. Pop the top open on your short fill eliquid bottle, squeeze in a nic shot, and give it a shake. Then you can vape.

But if you want the best possible results, you’ll need to be patient. For an unbeatable shortfill experience that always delivers properly blended eliquids, you should follow this method.

Day 1: Squeeze the nic shot into the short fill bottle, screw the lid on tight and give it a good shake. Pop it into a cool, dry and dark place. Like a desk drawer. And leave it alone until tomorrow.

Days 2-5: Every day, take the bottle out of your drawer, and pop off the lid. Gently squeeze out the air (taking care not to squirt out any liquid) and release it to let fresh air back in. This is called breathing the bottle. After breathing every day, give the short fill another big shake and put it back in the drawer.

Day 6: After one last breathe and shake, you can start using your eliquid. Make sure you shake it before using it every day, just in case the liquids begin to separate.

Congratulations, you’re a shake ‘n’ vape master!

But before you try a delicious strawberry short fill eliquid, you’ll need to decide what Nic Shot to buy…

What Nic Shots Do I Need?

88Vape currently sells 1.5% and 1.8% nicotine shots for use with short fill bottles. In the simplest terms, follow the guide below when adding a nic shot:

1 x 1.5% nic shot = 2.5mg

1 x 1.8% nic shot = 3mg

2 x 1.8% nic shot = 6mg

If you are adding more than one nic shot, you'll need to make room in the bottle by emptying out 10ml of the original juice (you can use an empty 10ml bottle to measure this).

 And if you vape nicotine free, don’t add a nic shot at all!

We could go into the maths, but who really needs to know more than that?

So now you know how to use a short fill eliquid. All that’s left to do is try one out for yourself!
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