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How to steep your e-liquid

How to steep your e-liquid

If you’re a vaping DIYer you’ll understand that no matter how small, every part of the process matters. Whether it’s a ratio that’s a bit off, or clashing concentrates mixed together, getting things perfect when you’re blending is part of the fun.

Something that many vapers don’t take the time to do is steeping. Like a fine wine, steeping lets your e-liquid sit and mature away from sunlight, allowing the combinations to blend deeply. If you’re looking to start steeping, we’ve created this step by step guide on how to steep effectively:

Step 1: Shake

It might seem obvious, but when you’re at the end of mixing your e-liquid never forget to give the blend a thorough shake. You can even pull the juice in and out of your pipette to help this process. When your liquid is in the bottle, start shaking again!

Step 2: Storage

Finding the right space for storage can be tricky. Look for a dark, cool and dry place to keep your e-liquid. We’d recommend an unused cabinet or drawer. This allows the vape juice to mature without interruption, while staying out of the sunlight.

Step 3: Leave for 3-5 Days

This is the long part, but trust us when we say it’ll be worth it! Some e-liquids might need a few more days depending on their recipes, but 3-5 days should be the perfect amount of time to get the flavour just right.

Step 4: Shake AGAIN

Can you tell we like our shaking? A few times a day, take your e-liquid out and shake it up. It might seem like added hassle, but if you make this a consistent habit, you’ll be rewarded with stunning results.

Step 5: Tasting Time

If you’ve stuck by all our steps, your e-liquid should be ready to take you off to another planet with enhanced flavours. Have a taste and see what you think.

While it may take time, steeping can drastically improve your vaping experience, enhancing out all of your favorite undertones. While there are other methods available, we think this one is perfect for most vapes. With that little bit of extra patience you’ll be on the road to a heavenly vape juice in no time.
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