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Are You More Likely to Quit Smoking if You Hang Out With Vapers?

Are smokers more likely to quit by hanging out with vapers?

You’ve tried gum and patches, you’ve gone through the dreaded cold turkey sweats, but you still can’t seem to give up smoking. Well, maybe you should start hanging out with vapers. 

Some clever scientists from University College of London conducted research with almost 13,000 participants that showed smokers who regularly spent time with vapers were 20% more likely to try and quit. In fact, around 32% of the participant group who had spent regular time with vapers had made an attempt (successfully or not) to quit smoking in the previous year. 

So, how and why does this work? 

The first reason is obvious: if you are more exposed to e-cigarettes, you are more likely to keep smoking them. There can be reluctance from smokers to try vaping as they still hold an emotional attachment to cigarettes. However, many people are pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoy vaping once they’ve tried it.

The second reason is also obvious: people that have given up smoking by vaping are more than happy to tell you about it. Vapers can occasionally become over-enthusiastic about their quitting journey but they’re only that way because they’re happy to be free from cigarettes. If you’re looking to quit yourself, vapers’ stories can often inspire you to quit. 

The third and final reason is more obscure, but it might have something to do with FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’re hanging out with a group of vapers blowing clouds of sweet-flavoured concoctions, your cigarette can start to feel a bit disappointing. The wonderful array of flavours and types of vaping device are enticing to many smokers.

So, yes - you’re more likely to give up smoking when you hang out with vapers. This comes as no surprise to us but we can understand why it might be to others. It’s important to give up cigarettes when it’s right for you, but if that time is now, vaping can definitely be your first step in the right direction.

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