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Cream Flavour E-Liquids

Get a smooth vaping sensation with our cream flavoured e-liquids! Most people don't consider cream as a flavour in e-liquids. Still, you'll be surprised to know that cream accompanies a lot of dessert vaping flavours and is a crucial ingredient when you want a pleasant smooth vaping experience.

Cream Based Vape Juices

Cream e-liquids are eternally popular because cream is a versatile ingredient that compliments any flavour combination. For example, you can enjoy cookies and cream or lighten up your coffee with a dash of cream instead of milk.

Then we have the enduringly popular fruit combinations such as peaches and cream or the classic summer treat, juicy red strawberries with a big dollop of double cream.

It's no secret that cream is a very versatile ingredient, and it works in a variety of e-liquid blends. So, are you ready to discover our indulgent vape juices? They're available in a range of nicotine strengths, including VG/PG options.

Created By Us, For You

OK, we won't lie; creating and selling e-liquids is an awesome job - but that doesn't mean it's easy. We have to achieve the perfect balance between our flavours and ensure the result tastes exactly as it should.

Our mixologists work hard to create the perfect e-liquids, and we're proud of the distinct flavours we offer. All of our vape juices go through an extensive taste-testing process so that you can have confidence in our products.

These vape juices are just £1, so why not give them a try?

Cool and Creamy E-Liquid Flavour Combinations

Replicating your favourite flavours, we take your vaping experience to new levels with our perfectly balanced e-liquids. These flavours are the perfect combination of creamy tastes with a velvety texture.

All you have to do is choose the right one for your palette. Still, at £1 a bottle, you can push your boundaries and experiment with each flavour.

Raspberry Ripple

There's nothing as nostalgic as a raspberry ripple, is there? It was a staple of our childhood parties and the perfect ice cream treat. Well, we crafted this e-liquid to replicate the deliciously sweet dessert.

With the perfect combination of ice cream and stick raspberry, you won't be disappointed with the unique flavours that make this e-liquid a special salute to nostalgia. Enjoy it all summer long, or savour it when you can't enjoy ice cream during the winter.

Flat White

A flat white coffee is stronger than a traditional latte but creamier than a black coffee. So, of course, we wanted to recreate it in e-liquid form - and we succeeded! Imagine experiencing a depth of flavour with every puff, and you'll know why this e-liquid is so popular.

Maybe you like the taste of coffee so much you want it in vape format. Or, you might be trying to kick your caffeine habit for good. Whatever your reasons for trying this e-liquid are, you won't regret it.

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