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Shortfill E Liquid

Shortfill E Liquid - Buy 3 for £10

Browse our wide range of popular shortfill e liquids, available in an irresistible selection of flavours to help you expand your vaping palate. 88Vape shortfills are all nicotine-free (0mg) vape juice in larger bottles (60ml bottle filled to 50ml) which can be enjoyed straight from the bottle to your vape.


Browse our wide range of popular shortfill e liquids, available in an irresistible selection of flavours to help you expand your vaping palate. 88Vape shortfills are all nicotine-free (0mg) vape juice in larger bottles (60ml bottle filled to 50ml) which can be enjoyed straight from the bottle to your vape.

If you're all about enjoying complex flavours and creating enormous clouds of vapour without the nicotine, then our shortfill e-liquids are perfect for you and your sub-ohm devices.

Check out our 70% VG and 75% VG shortfill e-liquid options and begin to experiment with finding new and complex flavours. We create and produce all of our shortfill e liquids in the UK, giving us complete control over our products' clean composition and price - we source only the best ingredients from trusted vendors, and we pass on the savings to you.

Our Best Shortfill E Liquids

Whether you have recently quit smoking or prefer to savour the aroma and aftertaste of cigarettes, you may wish to try our tobacco flavoured shortfill e-liquid. Or perhaps you are looking for something sweeter and with more zest? Try our fruit flavoured short fills or sweets inspired shortfill e liquids and develop your love of those high-note blends.

If you're not sure where to begin, or if you're experienced at vaping, and you're searching for your new favourite e-liquid, take advantage of our bundle offers. Shop our three short fills for £11.00 deals and our five short fills for £17.00 options. Whatever the stage of your vaping journey, we have the short fill e liquids you need to increase your enjoyment.

There's A Flavour For Everyone

Everyone's got their unique taste preferences, which is why we offer a massive selection of shortfill flavours. Whether you're a tobacco connoisseur, prefer fruity flavours, or love the creamy taste of desserts, we have the perfect flavour combination for your needs.

Menthol Shortfills

Minty fresh and full of flavour, our ice menthol blends come in a range of delicious combinations. If you prefer to add a fruity twist, try our fruit freeze bundle, which features apple, blue raspberry and blackcurrant flavours.

We also have orange and mango, cherry, strawberry and grape flavours, which are fantastic when combined with fresh-tasting mint.

Fruity Favourites

Not a fan of mint? That's not a problem. Our fruity favourites are refreshing, sweet and guaranteed to hit the spot. Our sherbet collection is one of the most popular in our range and ideal for recreating those childhood memories.

Another of our unique fruity flavours is our peanut butter and jelly shortfill. The ultimate mixture of sweet and savoury, this e-liquid is like enjoying your favourite sandwich without the calories. Could anything be better?

Traditional Tobacco

We're planning to add to our tobacco shortfill collection soon, but for now, you can enjoy sweet tobacco flavours and tailor the nicotine to your preference.

Sweet and Simple

Another great thing about vape juice is you can enjoy your favourite candy flavours without the calories. We've recreated fan favourites, including pear drops, violet pearls, bubblegum, and salted caramel e-liquids.

Delicious Desserts

Nothing beats the zingy taste of a lemon meringue pie or the smooth flavours of caramel cheesecake, and we guarantee we have a dessert flavour you'll love. Our team craft each vape juice blend to perfection and bring you delicious treats.

Refreshing Drinks

We have a range of soda vape juices for sale, including classic cola and lemonade. Our orange and pineapple punch is a customer favourite if you'd like to try something more adventurous.

There's also pink lemonade and orange soda, so you'll have a lot of drink types to choose between. Refreshing and sugar-free, our e-liquids have all the benefits of your favourite soda drink - they're a lot healthier.

50ml E-Liquid In 60ml Shortfill Bottles

The beauty of these bottles is that they can hold 60ml of e-liquid but are only filled to 50ml with flavoured e-liquid. This means that if you want your juice to contain nicotine, then there is space to add a 10ml nic shot. Under TPD laws, bottles of e-liquid containing nicotine can not be sold in bottles bigger than 10ml.

However, there is no law on what bottle size you sell when it contains 0mg vape juice!

Adding nicotine To 0mg Short Fill E Liquids

If you're happy with a 0mg nicotine strength e-liquid, then all you need to do is vape it as you usually would. You don't need to mix in any nic shots.

If you'd like to turn this from a nicotine-free e-liquid into a nicotine-containing one, you pop the top off and squeeze in the nicotine shot. Then replace the top and the lid and give it a good old shake to mix for a few minutes. Ideally, you let it steep for an hour or two, but if you're in a rush, there's nothing wrong with using it straight away. Just make sure it's properly mixed.

How Much Nicotine Do I Add To Shortfill?

A 60ml shortfill bottle is filled with 50ml of flavoured nicotine-free e-liquid (usually with a high VG / PG ratio suited to sub-ohm vape devices). This leaves space for you to add a 10ml nic shot.

If you want your short fill e liquids to contain nicotine, use the simple nic shot calculations below to create your desired nicotine strength.

60ml Bottles Filled To 50ml

Add 1 x 1.5% (15mg) 10ml nicotine shot to 50ml shortfill = 2.5mg

Add 1 x 1.8% (18mg) 10ml nicotine shot to 50ml shortfill = 3mg

Add 2 x 1.8% (18mg) 10ml nicotine shots to 40ml shortfill = 6mg

120ml Bottles Filled To 100ml

Add 2 x 1.8% (18mg) 10ml nicotine shots to 100ml shortfill = 3mg

Add 4 x 1.8% (18mg) 10ml nicotine shots to 80ml shortfill = 6mg

The most common nicotine strength a shortfill vaper creates is 3mg. Whether you use a 50ml or 100ml bottle, you simply add 1 or 2 nic shots respectively.

If you want to make 6mg nicotine strength e-liquid, you will need to free up space in the shortfill bottle for the additional nic shots. To make room for these extra nice shots, you must decant 10ml from 50ml bottle shortfills, or 40ml from 100ml shortfills.

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If you spend over £15, we'll offer free delivery to any UK address. You can shop with one of the UK's most famous vape brands and enjoy excellent savings.

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Shopping at 88Vape couldn't be easier, and as a premier UK vape brand, we always make sure to provide each customer with the best experience. At just £5.00 for a flavour bottle and nic shot, we're confident you won't find the quality we offer for a lower price anywhere.

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At 88Vape, we continue to invent new juices and vape kits because we believe in providing each customer with a diverse selection of e-liquids and accessories. With us, your search for that elusive quality and price is over.

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